EasyC v. 2.0 - New features, custom user functions, and more!

I have not found a release date yet, but this looks very promising! Intelitek is going to release EasyC version 2.0, which will enable teams to make custom user functions, add a variety of new features, and more. There is some promising graphics in the brochure, in which you can enable autonomous / driving mode with a single graphical block designed just for the FIRST Vex Challenge! http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/images/smilies/9.gif

Some of the new features include:

  • Enhanced EasyC dialog boxes
  • Separate Else, and Else If blocks added
  • New Printing Capabilities (to print out code onto paper - not to be confused with PrintScreen)
  • Break, Continue, and Return Blocks added
  • Undo most recent action
  • Create and Share custom libraries
  • Global Constants, Variables, and Macros can be added to any project
  • Define strings in Variable Window
  • Automatic COM port identification

You can read more here and in this brochure.

Here is a screenshot of the new version of EasyC 2.0

Thanks for the info!

Perhaps this is common knowledge and that I don’t know but I’ll ask anyway.

  1. Will this IDE be available for the Half Pipe Challenge? If so, when (I know Art was unsure but does anyone know?)
  2. Will Intelitek have a multi seat license option available? I posted a request for just such a license on the VeXLabs site but have not gotten a response. I’m just looking for a way to provide the software to everyone on the team but NOT spend $700 (our team has 7 kids on it). :eek:


Ron Czik
Team 13 (Angelbots)