EasyJ 4 FRC

The Easiest Java Programming for FRC Robots

Hate Programming? Love Programming? Or Somewhere in between?

Well this is the tool for you!

Labview too complicated? Does Java and C’s syntax hurt your fingers?

EasyJ is a system of draggable blocks that snap together. Each block has a section of code associated with it and when put in context with other blocks form a program.

Give it a try for yourself!

Make sure to check out the demos.

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This looks to be a fantastic project! Thank you for this!

I only got a chance to briefly play with it, but it looks great. My only suggestion would be to put code and block view side by side, like EasyC, rather than hiding the code under a tab. That way, the user is forced to view, absorb, and learn the java syntax as well.

Great project!

This is like making a game is Scratch, but instead programming a robot :open_mouth:

it seem like a great project

Its been quite a while since the initial release.

Here is an all new version of EasyJ4FRC which allows for the generation of IterativeRobot code.

More info:


Let me know what you think!

If you don’t win an award…I don’t know what will programmatically…Nice work! Have you thought about making the project open source on github for others to continue and update of bugfix??

Fauge7 it currently is on github, we have two iterations of it out. I’d you want the repo here it is https://github.com/TechplexEngineer/ng-easyj (in on mobile can’t make fancy links or anything).The newer version easyj2 is the one that we’ve been working on for this year. I don’t think we’ve shown either of these of at competition.

jgrindle is right, the project is opensource, and available on github.

This is the repo you’ll want.

We currently have a step by step version in the works, thats also opensource:

We are open to pull requests if there are any developers out there interested in hacking on it.

Impressive! Is the source on a Git repo somewhere?

ShortCircuit908 Are you having trouble with the github links in post 9 above?

Whoops! Didn’t see those. Again, looks fantastic.