Eccentric Balls, How many do you have?

How many balls from your KICKOFF tote were noticeably out of round when inflated to the appropriate pressure
  • All balls were spherical
  • Blue Ball was out of round
  • Red Ball was out of round
  • Both Balls were out of round

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Yes there is some room for interpretation on what “out of round” means. Use your best judgment.

For standard of measurement (if someone wants a standard): multiple attempts at rolling the ball across a flat surface over several feet (table or carpeted field) resulted in the ball not acting like a sphere (deflecting, wobbling, etc.)

2 balls round, close to a dozen students


I wish I could mark this reply as a solution :laughing:

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Both ours were pretty much round but had a bit of a small felt flap.


We’re expecting that felt flap to be a pretty common failure point when robots start handling these cargo.

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The eccentricity is noticeable on the blue ball, not sure if it’s that the color makes it show? they both look a little out of round, but they also roll ok.

Both of ours are pretty round. Any chance someone with one that isn’t can post a picture or two to show what to expect?


We have four (two FRC teams).

We started with three round and one egg, and I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but the more a ball gets played with / bounced / prototyped, we’ve noticed some shape changes to our ‘mess this one up’ ball (trying to keep various levels of wear to test with until more come in)

Not sure how prevalent that’s been, but it’s made for a very compelling ‘no horseplay with the game pieces’ rule…

(Will try to get some photos when we’re in the shop tomorrow)


Just bumping this for one more chance for ppl to chime in.

Overall I am glad that most of the balls are close to spherical, this alleviates a lot of my concern, was not looking forward to the possibility of dealing with ~50% out-of-round game pieces.

I may ask for clarification on how a nominal ball is determined (via pressure, diameter, etc) through the Q&A, as it is defined by both in the rules if memory serves. The closest recent analog we have is 2019, but shooting wasn’t really in the cards that year. That defaulted to diameter measurements.

I can get a pic (and measurements) of our oblate spheroid blue ball up here in a few hrs.

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