[ECDU]: A Present for the ECDU!

Well, I know how much you guys want this to get going, so I thought I’d give you another step in the right direction. I designed you guys a webpage. Currently it’s hosted on freewebs (because I’m poor), but at least now you have a central database.

I also cleaned up your member list a little bit and linked to every team that’s involved in the program. Whoever wants to maintain this just send me an email or an IM (neonpinkmoron on AIM). If you want me to, that’s cool too.

My only suggestion is try to get together a collection of photographs. I set up a photobucket account for you guys, as well as your own gmail ([email protected] ). Like I said, someone IM or email me and I’ll give you all the passwords.

Also, you might want to get NAMES for the kids in the ECDU, rather than just CD usernames.

Hope you like it guys!
Without further ado:

ECDU: East Coast Drivers Union

Sweet, it really looks awesome. Thank You.

thank you

you picked up where brat left off

looks great did a great job

once again thanks

I agree with having real names instead of only usernames… maybe we can send an email to that gmail account and add the names to the website.