[ECDU]: CHAT 7/20

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PooPsHoOt893 (9:09:49 PM): hey
bcahn836 (9:09:56 PM): hey
PooPsHoOt893 (9:10:14 PM): lemme see how many others i can get
bcahn836 (9:10:27 PM): MK
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PooPsHoOt893 (9:10:44 PM): ok
bcahn836 (9:10:45 PM): Hi all
punkrawker718 (9:10:45 PM): howdy to all
Howl571 (9:10:47 PM): hey
PooPsHoOt893 (9:10:49 PM): i think this is about it for now lol
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punkrawker718 (9:11:10 PM): who is bcahn
punkrawker718 (9:11:15 PM): and the new comer
bcahn836 (9:11:25 PM): yes the new comer
CompUthieF263 (9:11:31 PM): dum da dum dum
punkrawker718 (9:11:35 PM): what team number
bcahn836 (9:11:39 PM): 836
bcahn836 (9:11:43 PM): from Maryland
PooPsHoOt893 (9:11:44 PM): well-im still waiting for bharat to come back
PooPsHoOt893 (9:11:51 PM): hes got the sketch/improving one
CompUthieF263 (9:11:55 PM): points to s/n 263
punkrawker718 (9:12:15 PM): i am littleleicht from 303
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PooPsHoOt893 (9:12:25 PM): ur not gonna get me to say it again
PooPsHoOt893 (9:12:29 PM): lol
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PooPsHoOt893 (9:12:39 PM): so-i think we were stuck on website last nite
PooPsHoOt893 (9:13:02 PM): weve got logos coming along-motto and mission statement are done
CompUthieF263 (9:13:04 PM): i think so
punkrawker718 (9:13:16 PM): hi to all new comers
bcahn836 (9:13:21 PM): I just downloaded AIM about 20 mins ago and i already have about 20 people listed on my buddy list LOL
CompUthieF263 (9:13:21 PM): i missed alot las night
punkrawker718 (9:13:26 PM): me to
PooPsHoOt893 (9:13:34 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (9:13:39 PM): ya alot of people did
bcahn836 (9:13:41 PM): So where do we begin>
punkrawker718 (9:13:48 PM): 300
bcahn836 (9:13:48 PM): ?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:13:51 PM): well i think we should just start with the website design
PooPsHoOt893 (9:13:59 PM): or whatever really
Howl571 (9:13:59 PM): so to start things off…I recommend having a page with links to all sites for teams that have members of ECDU
bcahn836 (9:14:20 PM): How about a good mission statement as well
PooPsHoOt893 (9:14:24 PM): ok-so lets talk about what we can have on the site
CompUthieF263 (9:14:25 PM): that sounds cool
Howl571 (9:14:50 PM): and link to whatever sponsor(s) we get on every page
PooPsHoOt893 (9:14:58 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (9:15:08 PM): so lets see-well start at the Main Page
PooPsHoOt893 (9:15:20 PM): I guess we can have the logo-mission statement motto and news
PooPsHoOt893 (9:15:32 PM): then we can have a toolbar full of options
PooPsHoOt893 (9:15:37 PM): we can make one for members
PooPsHoOt893 (9:15:39 PM): one for links
PooPsHoOt893 (9:15:43 PM): one for sponsors
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bcahn836 (9:15:53 PM): One for FIRST
punkrawker718 (9:15:59 PM): info
Howl571 (9:16:04 PM): delphi
bcahn836 (9:16:08 PM): How to Join
punkrawker718 (9:16:15 PM): information
punkrawker718 (9:16:16 PM): page
punkrawker718 (9:16:19 PM): on the union
PooPsHoOt893 (9:16:28 PM): Mission Statement: The East Coast Driver’s Union unites members of drive teams across the east coast in order to create personal relationships between each and every driver and promote the ideals of FIRST and Gracious Profe…
CompUthieF263 (9:16:34 PM): isnt that kinda like mission statment?
punkrawker718 (9:16:35 PM): and scroll to the buttom and you can join that way
bcahn836 (9:16:40 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (9:16:48 PM): ya-itll send an email to one of us
punkrawker718 (9:16:55 PM): yea
PooPsHoOt893 (9:17:05 PM): so what else
punkrawker718 (9:17:05 PM): or all of the leaders
PooPsHoOt893 (9:17:15 PM): we can post like activities
PooPsHoOt893 (9:17:20 PM): dates of events
PooPsHoOt893 (9:17:23 PM): meeting times
punkrawker718 (9:17:27 PM): can we get chats like aim on the website
bcahn836 (9:17:27 PM): calender
bcahn836 (9:17:33 PM): koo
PooPsHoOt893 (9:18:03 PM): we could
PooPsHoOt893 (9:18:08 PM): but not good quality
punkrawker718 (9:18:09 PM): about what
PooPsHoOt893 (9:18:21 PM): the chats
PooPsHoOt893 (9:18:24 PM): i know certain places that cna
PooPsHoOt893 (9:18:27 PM): just not very good
PooPsHoOt893 (9:18:34 PM): itd be best just to do this
punkrawker718 (9:19:13 PM): forum, info page, links, and what else
Howl571 (9:19:18 PM): would we have a forum of any type on the site or continue to use delphi for major communication?
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PooPsHoOt893 (9:19:26 PM): i guess delphi
PooPsHoOt893 (9:19:30 PM): it just makes sense
bcahn836 (9:19:31 PM): FIRST
PooPsHoOt893 (9:19:32 PM): cuz everyone goes there
punkrawker718 (9:19:35 PM): under links
punkrawker718 (9:19:51 PM): but don’t make delphi big
PooPsHoOt893 (9:19:51 PM): our site would just be an info site
Tekno Bramha (9:19:56 PM): hello world
PooPsHoOt893 (9:19:59 PM): just for like sponsors to look at
bcahn836 (9:20:02 PM): hello
punkrawker718 (9:20:16 PM): are you better from yesterday
PooPsHoOt893 (9:20:20 PM): bharat hows the logo coming
punkrawker718 (9:20:21 PM): is all the sand gone
PooPsHoOt893 (9:20:24 PM): or is it not lol
Tekno Bramha (9:20:29 PM): i just got back home
Tekno Bramha (9:20:33 PM): went on a walk with “her”
PooPsHoOt893 (9:20:43 PM): lol nice
punkrawker718 (9:20:48 PM): who her?
bcahn836 (9:20:53 PM): So how much association will we have with chiefdelphi and FIRST?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:21:10 PM): well-we will need them
punkrawker718 (9:21:11 PM): first alot not so much with delphi
PooPsHoOt893 (9:21:12 PM): thats about it
bcahn836 (9:21:24 PM): but in what ways?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:21:25 PM): i mean First will have to allow us to do what we are doing
PooPsHoOt893 (9:21:41 PM): like if we want the scholarship thing-we could try to get them to allow us to make a presentation
punkrawker718 (9:21:43 PM): delphi should be in the links
PooPsHoOt893 (9:21:52 PM): delphi-none really-just using it as a forum for all to see
CompUthieF263 (9:22:18 PM): why dont we have our own forum on the site?
punkrawker718 (9:22:26 PM): yea
PooPsHoOt893 (9:22:33 PM): we can if we want
PooPsHoOt893 (9:22:36 PM): but im just saying
PooPsHoOt893 (9:22:44 PM): most people check delphi alot
PooPsHoOt893 (9:22:48 PM): or enuff
PooPsHoOt893 (9:22:58 PM): im sure many will forget about the ECDU site
punkrawker718 (9:23:11 PM): but we should take people away from delphi
bcahn836 (9:23:18 PM): But if we can make the ECDU as big as delphi
PooPsHoOt893 (9:23:27 PM): lol-id love to think that
punkrawker718 (9:23:28 PM): now you are thinking
PooPsHoOt893 (9:23:31 PM): but thats near impossible
punkrawker718 (9:23:35 PM): no
bcahn836 (9:24:09 PM): maybe we need to extend the ECDU to all drivers on every team in FIRST
punkrawker718 (9:24:16 PM): no
PooPsHoOt893 (9:24:20 PM): not yet
punkrawker718 (9:24:23 PM): east coast
PooPsHoOt893 (9:24:31 PM): thatll come eventually-we will have dif people start there own sections
punkrawker718 (9:24:33 PM): we need respect
PooPsHoOt893 (9:24:36 PM): and then we can have a national
CompUthieF263 (9:24:39 PM): east coast is cool as a start
PooPsHoOt893 (9:24:41 PM): if we make it big too fast-then itll flop
bcahn836 (9:24:46 PM): Ok
CompUthieF263 (9:24:47 PM): yea
bcahn836 (9:25:04 PM): Just bouncing around ideas
punkrawker718 (9:25:15 PM): good
PooPsHoOt893 (9:25:15 PM): ya its something to do overtime
PooPsHoOt893 (9:25:20 PM): just to start-its too risky
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punkrawker718 (9:25:40 PM): we need to get a website and logo going first
bcahn836 (9:25:43 PM): Any thoughts of the adress of this website?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:25:48 PM): bharat-u there?
Howl571 (9:26:17 PM): i checked out ecdu.org and its free
punkrawker718 (9:26:22 PM): we need to plan these so we don’t have to much but we get stuff done
punkrawker718 (9:26:30 PM): cool
CompUthieF263 (9:26:36 PM): if we wanted i could probly get the site hosted on my friends server for free w/ unlimited space
PooPsHoOt893 (9:26:58 PM): nice
PooPsHoOt893 (9:27:01 PM): that would be good
bcahn836 (9:27:21 PM): http://search.yahoo.com/search?fr=slv1_hpq&p=ecdu
bcahn836 (9:27:40 PM): I just did a search on ecdu and look what i found
punkrawker718 (9:27:53 PM): good
PooPsHoOt893 (9:27:59 PM): lol
bcahn836 (9:28:03 PM): Ecdu happens to be a popular name
Howl571 (9:28:03 PM): hey there’s an ecdu web design site lol
PooPsHoOt893 (9:28:24 PM): lol
bcahn836 (9:28:28 PM): that might be a problem
Howl571 (9:28:32 PM): east coast designs unlimited
bcahn836 (9:28:37 PM): lol
punkrawker718 (9:28:41 PM): crap
PooPsHoOt893 (9:28:46 PM): it wont be
PooPsHoOt893 (9:28:49 PM): its just an abbrev.
PooPsHoOt893 (9:28:52 PM): we have a whole name
PooPsHoOt893 (9:28:54 PM): so it doesnt matter
bcahn836 (9:28:56 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (9:28:59 PM): as long as the full name doesnt conflict
CompUthieF263 (9:29:21 PM): it probably wont be a problem
punkrawker718 (9:29:28 PM): good
PooPsHoOt893 (9:30:02 PM): the logo i made i think is good
sprinklz620 (9:30:06 PM): should be fine wit that… lots of things have conflicting abbrev.
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bcahn836 (9:30:28 PM): Ran a search on the full name, doesn’t look like a problem there except site # 12 listed http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=East+Coast+Drivers+Union&ei=UTF-8&fr=slv1&n=20&fl=0&x=wrt
punkrawker718 (9:30:29 PM): later
punkrawker718 (9:30:34 PM): i going to be back
punkrawker718 (9:30:37 PM): south park
CompUthieF263 (9:30:41 PM): heh
PooPsHoOt893 (9:30:41 PM): lmao
PooPsHoOt893 (9:30:44 PM): thats amazing
bcahn836 (9:30:44 PM): lol
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bcahn836 (9:31:17 PM): well i guess everyone is heading out
CompUthieF263 (9:31:24 PM): nah, im not
CompUthieF263 (9:31:26 PM): …yet
bcahn836 (9:31:30 PM): just checking
bcahn836 (9:31:34 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (9:31:34 PM): ya
Howl571 (9:31:34 PM): still 5 here we can make progress on the site
PooPsHoOt893 (9:31:40 PM): he was just going to watch south park
bcahn836 (9:31:40 PM): mk
PooPsHoOt893 (9:31:43 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (9:31:50 PM): im watching world series of poker-and this
bcahn836 (9:32:00 PM): i am just listening to music
Howl571 (9:32:05 PM): same
CompUthieF263 (9:32:05 PM): same here
PooPsHoOt893 (9:32:10 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (9:32:39 PM): so website
CompUthieF263 (9:32:40 PM): anyone else from ecdu online?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:32:48 PM): nope
PooPsHoOt893 (9:32:50 PM): i dont htink
bcahn836 (9:32:52 PM): nope
PooPsHoOt893 (9:32:53 PM): 2 came in and left
CompUthieF263 (9:32:55 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (9:33:21 PM): so Motto-is done i think
PooPsHoOt893 (9:33:29 PM): Mission statement
PooPsHoOt893 (9:33:34 PM): both done
CompUthieF263 (9:33:43 PM): and the motto is?
Howl571 (9:33:57 PM): puttin life in robots and robots in jeopardy
PooPsHoOt893 (9:34:00 PM): Mission Statement: The East Coast Driver’s Union unites members of drive teams across the east coast in order to create personal relationships between each and every driver and promote the ideals of FIRST and Gracious Profe…
PooPsHoOt893 (9:34:03 PM): yup that too
CompUthieF263 (9:34:10 PM): NICE!
PooPsHoOt893 (9:34:25 PM): logo is coming along
bcahn836 (9:34:26 PM): what about the gift thingys
CompUthieF263 (9:34:39 PM): ?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:34:43 PM): not sure
bcahn836 (9:34:47 PM): Has anything been agreed upon
PooPsHoOt893 (9:34:49 PM): we need a sponsor first to worry about that
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Oreofetch (9:34:54 PM): hello
PooPsHoOt893 (9:34:55 PM): hey
bcahn836 (9:34:57 PM): ok
CompUthieF263 (9:34:58 PM): hola
bcahn836 (9:35:01 PM): hello
bcahn836 (9:35:12 PM): brb
PooPsHoOt893 (9:35:17 PM): and pins i made a design on
PooPsHoOt893 (9:35:20 PM): kind of simple
PooPsHoOt893 (9:35:30 PM): but its kind of what we agreed on
Howl571 (9:35:41 PM): is it on delphi?
CompUthieF263 (9:35:43 PM): can u show us?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:35:45 PM): it says Proud Member of-on top
PooPsHoOt893 (9:35:52 PM): i would-put i did it on paper
CompUthieF263 (9:35:58 PM): aha
PooPsHoOt893 (9:35:58 PM): and my photoshop wont work right
PooPsHoOt893 (9:36:01 PM): so i cant post any pics
PooPsHoOt893 (9:36:26 PM): its just a plan really-the proud member of on top
PooPsHoOt893 (9:36:30 PM): logo in the center
PooPsHoOt893 (9:36:44 PM): east coast drivers union spelled out underneath
Howl571 (9:36:48 PM): k cool
PooPsHoOt893 (9:36:51 PM): and Name and team # on bottom
CompUthieF263 (9:36:53 PM): sounds good
bcahn836 (9:36:59 PM): kool
PooPsHoOt893 (9:37:01 PM): im sure we can eventually make a good plan
PooPsHoOt893 (9:37:06 PM): but im just doint this for now
PooPsHoOt893 (9:37:43 PM): and we can either have ones with the motto on it
PooPsHoOt893 (9:37:47 PM): or with ask me about it on them
bcahn836 (9:37:57 PM): i like the logo idea
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CompUthieF263 (9:38:18 PM): wut is the logo idea?
Howl571 (9:38:21 PM): yesterday some1 suggested pressing logos onto ppl’s shirts…
bcahn836 (9:38:34 PM): putting the logo on the pin
CompUthieF263 (9:38:42 PM): o u mean that
PooPsHoOt893 (9:38:47 PM): ya we could do that too
PooPsHoOt893 (9:38:57 PM): the logo idea is on the delphi thread
CompUthieF263 (9:38:57 PM): yea, that sounds cool
bcahn836 (9:39:06 PM): that would be very cool
PooPsHoOt893 (9:39:09 PM): im jsut waitting for a finalized pic from bharat
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PooPsHoOt893 (9:39:23 PM): and not sure how long thatll take
PooPsHoOt893 (9:39:25 PM): so we have to see
PooPsHoOt893 (9:39:55 PM): and we could press em onto shirts-but we need to make the stuff for it
PooPsHoOt893 (9:40:11 PM): the stuff to press on-not sure how much that costs-but putting it on-all u need to do is use an iron
Tekno Bramha (9:40:12 PM): really sorry im not so active guys, i know lot of work for me, i’ll read over the convo later tonight
Howl571 (9:40:28 PM): np
Howl571 (9:40:56 PM): so for now i think we should stick with pins
PooPsHoOt893 (9:40:59 PM): ok
CompUthieF263 (9:41:06 PM): yep
bcahn836 (9:41:10 PM): ok
Howl571 (9:41:26 PM): at least until the season starts and more people might join…
PooPsHoOt893 (9:41:32 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (9:41:39 PM): im sure we will get more people at regionals
bcahn836 (9:42:07 PM): I will be able to pick up a few people on my team alone
PooPsHoOt893 (9:42:12 PM): and eventually-when everyone finds out what regional they are going to, we will make heads of each reginoal
CompUthieF263 (9:42:27 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (9:42:34 PM): k sounds good-so far the most we have per one team is 3-mine-hehe-we just dont have our coach in
bcahn836 (9:42:49 PM): especially at events like VCU and Cheasapeake
PooPsHoOt893 (9:42:52 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (9:43:01 PM): chesapeake will be huge-cuz a lot of younger teams
bcahn836 (9:43:06 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (9:43:08 PM): and alot of teams in general
Howl571 (9:43:28 PM): how bout if ppl from west coast ask to join…should we allow them in GP spirit or tell them to start their own?
robochick84 (9:43:40 PM): sorry, poking in question… will this be only ative members through CD… or also a recruit of members at Regionals?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:43:54 PM): just anything
PooPsHoOt893 (9:44:02 PM): i mean as of now-its only cd-cuz thats the only thing going on
Howl571 (9:44:13 PM): CD is main line of communication so hard to be big in ECDU if you’re not big on delphi
PooPsHoOt893 (9:44:15 PM): at offseason we can have people do stuff and just when teams meet places
robochick84 (9:44:35 PM): so an active recruiting process at competitions?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:44:40 PM): ya
robochick84 (9:44:42 PM): k
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LinkinMan8 (9:45:23 PM): hey everyone
CompUthieF263 (9:45:33 PM): hola
Oreofetch (9:45:36 PM): hi
Howl571 (9:45:38 PM): maybe someone could make a small printable banner for all ECDU ppl to hang up in their pits at all events
bcahn836 (9:45:47 PM): We can start by telling our own allies and opponets at events
bcahn836 (9:45:58 PM): before or after a match
bcahn836 (9:47:05 PM): I think we won’t have any problem spreading the word at events
robochick84 (9:47:09 PM): hehe, anyone active on the chat tonight doing webpage?
Howl571 (9:47:31 PM): i can help but i do not specialize
CompUthieF263 (9:47:42 PM): i have no clue how to design a webpage
Howl571 (9:47:44 PM): but the chat will be posted on delphi so those not here can see
bcahn836 (9:47:57 PM): sorry i know absolutely have no idea how to create a website but i can give creative input
bcahn836 (9:47:58 PM): LOL
CompUthieF263 (9:48:33 PM): the 2004 driver of my team might be able to help us w/ that
bcahn836 (9:48:38 PM): thats about it
bcahn836 (9:48:47 PM): cool
CompUthieF263 (9:48:57 PM): hes recently gotte into html website design
CompUthieF263 (9:49:23 PM): i think thats wut it was
bcahn836 (9:50:03 PM): I am no expert but won’t all of these things that we want on the webstie take some time to complete?
Howl571 (9:50:20 PM): ya but we have quite a bit of time
CompUthieF263 (9:50:26 PM): as does everything in life
Howl571 (9:50:39 PM): we won’t be doing this during build season or anything
CompUthieF263 (9:50:57 PM): it will take some time, but its not impossible
PooPsHoOt893 (9:51:19 PM): sry guys
PooPsHoOt893 (9:51:22 PM): phone call
CompUthieF263 (9:51:24 PM): hopefully by build season we have a nice website going
PooPsHoOt893 (9:51:29 PM): lemme catch up on the reading
bcahn836 (9:52:10 PM): it doesn’t have to be completed by then but just have something up and running and add stuff as we find the time
CompUthieF263 (9:52:46 PM): yea
Crebber (9:53:00 PM): do we have any server space yet?
bcahn836 (9:53:27 PM): good question i have no idea
Howl571 (9:53:28 PM): some1 offered a friend’s space
CompUthieF263 (9:53:33 PM): i can get the site hosted on a friends server w/ unlimited spoace for free
bcahn836 (9:53:39 PM): there we go
bcahn836 (9:54:34 PM): I think between us all we have enough resources to acomplish anything LOL
CompUthieF263 (9:54:46 PM): haha
bcahn836 (9:55:00 PM): well just about anything
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bcahn836 (9:55:16 PM): hello again
punkrawker718 (9:55:20 PM): what going down
punkrawker718 (9:55:23 PM): howdy
bcahn836 (9:55:53 PM): just going around on ideas about the website
CompUthieF263 (9:55:58 PM): http://www.pyroweb.org , my friends webhosting
(9:56:01 PM) Radar777777 has entered the room.
punkrawker718 (9:56:18 PM): corey what about sabrina
Radar777777 (9:56:26 PM): hi
PooPsHoOt893 (9:56:51 PM): huh waht happen
PooPsHoOt893 (9:56:52 PM): phone calls
punkrawker718 (9:56:58 PM): i don’t know
Crebber (9:56:59 PM): you could easily type up a home page that marks our space on the web and tells people we’re out there, like a little info and contact page
punkrawker718 (9:57:17 PM): corey what about sabrina
PooPsHoOt893 (9:57:23 PM): what about her
punkrawker718 (9:57:30 PM): should she be in this
PooPsHoOt893 (9:57:50 PM): is she on?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:57:57 PM): nd is she east coast
punkrawker718 (9:57:59 PM): why would i be asking
Howl571 (9:58:13 PM): does every1 need to hear this guys?
punkrawker718 (9:58:24 PM): sure why not
PooPsHoOt893 (9:58:28 PM): lol
CompUthieF263 (9:58:30 PM): haha
punkrawker718 (9:58:31 PM): not anymore
PooPsHoOt893 (9:58:33 PM): ok back to what was oging on
punkrawker718 (9:58:39 PM): ok
bcahn836 (9:58:40 PM): what was going on
CompUthieF263 (9:58:46 PM): website
punkrawker718 (9:58:47 PM): what was
PooPsHoOt893 (9:58:49 PM): website
bcahn836 (9:58:54 PM): oh yeah thats it
Crebber (9:59:02 PM): you could easily type up a home page that marks our space on the web and tells people we’re out there, like a little info and contact page
PooPsHoOt893 (9:59:20 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (9:59:23 PM): thats what we need to do
Howl571 (9:59:30 PM): would we want a single background color or our logo as a watermark-type thing behind the text?
PooPsHoOt893 (9:59:31 PM): just so corp sponsors keep interest
Oreofetch (9:59:32 PM): gotta go guys, talk to you later
PooPsHoOt893 (9:59:38 PM): later
CompUthieF263 (9:59:40 PM): peace
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bcahn836 (9:59:43 PM): later
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Specialagentjim (10:00:15 PM): hey yall
bcahn836 (10:00:19 PM): hi
PooPsHoOt893 (10:00:20 PM): woh this is getting big
punkrawker718 (10:00:27 PM): 108
bcahn836 (10:00:28 PM): only 12 people
PooPsHoOt893 (10:00:38 PM): still lol
bcahn836 (10:00:41 PM): lol
punkrawker718 (10:00:44 PM): that is alot
punkrawker718 (10:00:48 PM): but we need more
bcahn836 (10:00:56 PM): yea
CompUthieF263 (10:01:02 PM): hahaits starting up…slowly
CompUthieF263 (10:01:20 PM): very slowly, but better then nothing
Specialagentjim (10:01:24 PM): whats happenin?
punkrawker718 (10:01:34 PM): talking about the union websit
punkrawker718 (10:01:36 PM): e
Specialagentjim (10:01:44 PM): ahh, cool
bcahn836 (10:02:02 PM): Ok lets bring some order to this conversaion what aspect of the website are we focusing on
PooPsHoOt893 (10:02:16 PM): just main goal of it i guess
bcahn836 (10:02:21 PM): ok
Howl571 (10:02:28 PM): should we have bios?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:02:45 PM): thats a good idea
punkrawker718 (10:02:46 PM): contact list
bcahn836 (10:02:46 PM): Main Goals
punkrawker718 (10:02:50 PM): yea
PooPsHoOt893 (10:02:51 PM): but we should wait on that for now
Howl571 (10:02:53 PM): k
bcahn836 (10:02:57 PM): k
punkrawker718 (10:03:01 PM): under info
punkrawker718 (10:03:16 PM): what are goal is not that it has to be main
LinkinMan8 (10:03:30 PM): i think instead of bios for each person you have one for each team and in that bio it states who the drivers are
PooPsHoOt893 (10:03:40 PM): good idea
Howl571 (10:03:42 PM): k
bcahn836 (10:03:46 PM): maybe a pic
punkrawker718 (10:03:48 PM): no
punkrawker718 (10:03:52 PM): not a pic
Specialagentjim (10:03:53 PM): kool idea matt.
Specialagentjim (10:03:57 PM): why not a pic?
punkrawker718 (10:04:03 PM): whatever
punkrawker718 (10:04:09 PM): sure
PooPsHoOt893 (10:04:12 PM): ya a pic lol
Radar777777 (10:04:12 PM): optional pic
punkrawker718 (10:04:16 PM): yea
Howl571 (10:04:17 PM): lol pic it is
bcahn836 (10:04:19 PM): ok
Specialagentjim (10:04:22 PM): ya know wat would be cool, every year the old years drivers get archived, so you can go back and look up who was the driver that year
punkrawker718 (10:04:23 PM): hi scott
bcahn836 (10:04:38 PM): kool
CompUthieF263 (10:04:38 PM): that would rock
LinkinMan8 (10:04:40 PM): it would be cool if the pic would be of us during at match
DaleJrFan185 (10:04:42 PM): hey mike
DaleJrFan185 (10:04:45 PM): hows it going?
bcahn836 (10:04:52 PM): snap shot
Radar777777 (10:04:55 PM): yea
punkrawker718 (10:04:56 PM): talking about a website
punkrawker718 (10:05:04 PM): what is going to be in it
DaleJrFan185 (10:05:05 PM): sup teddy b?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:05:38 PM): k lets go step by step
PooPsHoOt893 (10:05:42 PM): Main page-
punkrawker718 (10:05:52 PM): lets plan this out and set dates
PooPsHoOt893 (10:05:54 PM): just misstion statement logo motto
Radar777777 (10:05:55 PM): nmh u
Specialagentjim (10:05:56 PM): kool
CompUthieF263 (10:06:03 PM): yea
bcahn836 (10:06:09 PM): links?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:06:17 PM): ya thatll be a subpage
Radar777777 (10:06:19 PM): yea
bcahn836 (10:06:20 PM): ok
Howl571 (10:06:27 PM): sidebar on every page to get to all portions of site (or top bar like on delphi)
DaleJrFan185 (10:06:36 PM): m
punkrawker718 (10:06:40 PM): i think so far we are going to have forum, links page, info , and bios

Specialagentjim (10:07:16 PM): is forums gonna be an include of CD?
bcahn836 (10:07:16 PM): calender of events
punkrawker718 (10:07:25 PM): ok
punkrawker718 (10:07:40 PM): info is goals and how to join
Howl571 (10:07:52 PM): we should use CD for now but if ECDU gets absolutely HUGE then start our own
PooPsHoOt893 (10:07:57 PM): ya
bcahn836 (10:08:03 PM): sounds good
Radar777777 (10:08:08 PM): yup
punkrawker718 (10:08:12 PM): i on that bandwagon
DaleJrFan185 (10:08:19 PM): yup
PooPsHoOt893 (10:08:23 PM): i think thats a while away though
Radar777777 (10:08:32 PM): maybe
punkrawker718 (10:09:03 PM): what teams are there still that we need or don’t have
punkrawker718 (10:09:04 PM): ?
bcahn836 (10:09:13 PM): alot
Howl571 (10:09:18 PM): ya quite a few
punkrawker718 (10:09:21 PM): 175 and 176
punkrawker718 (10:09:27 PM): two i want on this
Howl571 (10:09:33 PM): look at the maps that were made a while back with all the teams
Specialagentjim (10:09:34 PM): yeah, cool
punkrawker718 (10:09:44 PM): buzz and aces high
LinkinMan8 (10:10:14 PM): me and jim will get the word out to all the florida teams
punkrawker718 (10:10:20 PM): good
PooPsHoOt893 (10:10:28 PM): kk great
PooPsHoOt893 (10:10:35 PM): we are slowly spreading it in NJ
punkrawker718 (10:10:38 PM): scott and ted you guys get CT
robochick84 (10:10:52 PM): a lot of teams are not active on CD, only have drivers active during the ‘in season’, etc.
DaleJrFan185 (10:10:56 PM): YAY, ted, lets go on a road trip
PooPsHoOt893 (10:10:59 PM): ya
punkrawker718 (10:11:04 PM): lol
Howl571 (10:11:04 PM): i’ll advertise at bash
DaleJrFan185 (10:11:05 PM): lol
Specialagentjim (10:11:08 PM): florida’s gone crazy with robotics, we’re good
Radar777777 (10:11:13 PM): lol
punkrawker718 (10:11:22 PM): nj should be good
Specialagentjim (10:11:27 PM): its actually getting interesting. we have people drive 4 hours to go hang out now
punkrawker718 (10:11:28 PM): 75
robochick84 (10:11:39 PM): Anyone on here heading to Summer Frenzy in York?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:11:40 PM): weve got some ofthe major NJ teams in so far
DaleJrFan185 (10:11:41 PM): im thinking, lets rent a camper, paint it all up and such with the logo and drive around the state till it runs outta gas
punkrawker718 (10:11:43 PM): you never hang with me corey
PooPsHoOt893 (10:11:48 PM): lol
Radar777777 (10:11:49 PM): Advertise at the minicomps
punkrawker718 (10:11:50 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (10:11:51 PM): ur too far away
Radar777777 (10:11:52 PM): lol
DaleJrFan185 (10:11:54 PM): lol
punkrawker718 (10:11:55 PM): ■■■■■■■■
PooPsHoOt893 (10:12:04 PM): ya at any place where there is another team
punkrawker718 (10:12:04 PM): anthony i see everyweek almost
PooPsHoOt893 (10:12:06 PM): advertise
punkrawker718 (10:12:54 PM): don’t you drive corey
PooPsHoOt893 (10:13:13 PM): but like ashley said-the main draw is at competitions
punkrawker718 (10:13:24 PM): yea
Radar777777 (10:14:16 PM): At river rage scott and I can get the announcer to make a anouncement to join up
bcahn836 (10:14:20 PM): this will be my last year on the team as a student and i must train two new drivers and i will be sure to turn them to ECDU
DaleJrFan185 (10:14:21 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (10:14:27 PM): nice
DaleJrFan185 (10:14:29 PM): and i can run topless on the field during lunch
Radar777777 (10:14:33 PM): no
PooPsHoOt893 (10:14:33 PM): lmao
Specialagentjim (10:14:39 PM): hmm…could ECDU give out some awards at comps?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:14:40 PM): we want people to join
Radar777777 (10:14:46 PM): you and kevin can do it
punkrawker718 (10:14:46 PM): maybe
Howl571 (10:14:47 PM): YA AWARDS!
PooPsHoOt893 (10:14:47 PM): not vomit
PooPsHoOt893 (10:14:51 PM): ya we will
DaleJrFan185 (10:14:54 PM): LOL, i can paint the logo on myself
robochick84 (10:14:56 PM): A Gracious Driver Award?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:14:59 PM): if we get a corp sponsor thatll help
Radar777777 (10:14:59 PM): lol
punkrawker718 (10:15:00 PM): joystick painted gold
CompUthieF263 (10:15:02 PM): wow…jus wow
PooPsHoOt893 (10:15:02 PM): ya i thought of a few things
PooPsHoOt893 (10:15:16 PM): like best driver type-chairmans type-and gracious stuff
punkrawker718 (10:15:25 PM): cheap joystick give out
Specialagentjim (10:15:36 PM): haha, yes
Radar777777 (10:15:40 PM): the new joysticks
DaleJrFan185 (10:15:45 PM): suck
DaleJrFan185 (10:15:47 PM): assssssss
CompUthieF263 (10:15:48 PM): LMAO
PooPsHoOt893 (10:15:51 PM): lol
bcahn836 (10:15:53 PM): Driving Tomorrows Technology Award
Radar777777 (10:15:58 PM): thats why we will give them out
DaleJrFan185 (10:16:00 PM): they need to revert to the old ones again
PooPsHoOt893 (10:16:00 PM): we got some of the old ones off ebay
CompUthieF263 (10:16:00 PM): yea, those were jus bad
Specialagentjim (10:16:02 PM): Yeah, the new joysticks would make great awards, no one uses them
punkrawker718 (10:16:07 PM): no
Howl571 (10:16:07 PM): lol
Radar777777 (10:16:25 PM): lol
bcahn836 (10:16:59 PM): Have a trophy made out of a joystick
Specialagentjim (10:17:15 PM): yeah, anyone seen the robot rodeo trophy we got?
punkrawker718 (10:17:20 PM): no
bcahn836 (10:17:24 PM): no
Specialagentjim (10:17:26 PM): it was welded out of a clutch from a truck and some other wierd parts
Specialagentjim (10:17:30 PM): best trophy we have
CompUthieF263 (10:17:34 PM): nice
Radar777777 (10:17:34 PM): cool
LinkinMan8 (10:17:35 PM): yea its awesome
DaleJrFan185 (10:17:42 PM): LOL, awesome
Radar777777 (10:17:46 PM): post a pic on CD
punkrawker718 (10:17:50 PM): yea
Specialagentjim (10:17:51 PM): its on somewhere…
bcahn836 (10:18:00 PM): it definitly will have to be a unique award
punkrawker718 (10:18:10 PM): how are we going to pick this driver award
robochick84 (10:18:41 PM): vote?
bcahn836 (10:18:44 PM): here is a question when will give out the award and where? At each event at nationals? any ideas?
Howl571 (10:18:49 PM): have an ECDU meeting scheduled to talk at beginning of all competitions then meet again later after looking around in our free time
punkrawker718 (10:18:58 PM): yea
punkrawker718 (10:19:02 PM): during lunch
Radar777777 (10:19:03 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (10:19:03 PM): well awards-we can have at regionals
PooPsHoOt893 (10:19:08 PM): and then one at nationals
DaleJrFan185 (10:19:20 PM): i think i should pick, and if i do, guess who will win
bcahn836 (10:19:20 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (10:19:22 PM): where-if we get money for-we can announce the scholarship award
Radar777777 (10:19:24 PM): not during lunch beacause scott will be busy
DaleJrFan185 (10:19:25 PM): <<<<<
punkrawker718 (10:19:33 PM): lol
punkrawker718 (10:19:38 PM): what
DaleJrFan185 (10:19:41 PM): LOL, yup, stripping and running on the field with the logo painted on me
DaleJrFan185 (10:19:45 PM): LOL
PooPsHoOt893 (10:19:48 PM): lol
Specialagentjim (10:19:49 PM): eww…
robochick84 (10:19:49 PM): :o
Radar777777 (10:19:52 PM): lol
DaleJrFan185 (10:19:53 PM): LOL
punkrawker718 (10:20:09 PM): wrong
DaleJrFan185 (10:20:10 PM): I think ill go topless, no need for everyone to be jealous, but anyway…
punkrawker718 (10:20:11 PM): wrong
punkrawker718 (10:20:12 PM): wrong
DaleJrFan185 (10:20:13 PM): LMAO
punkrawker718 (10:20:14 PM): wrong
bcahn836 (10:20:15 PM): then what would be the point of lunch if everyone then throws up
LinkinMan8 (10:20:17 PM): well if last year was any indication ill be in the pits working throught lunch everyday
punkrawker718 (10:20:17 PM): wrong
Radar777777 (10:20:27 PM): scott PLEASE DO NOT DO IT
DaleJrFan185 (10:20:31 PM): LOL
punkrawker718 (10:20:37 PM): we have after picking
punkrawker718 (10:20:39 PM): the teams
DaleJrFan185 (10:20:40 PM): i think i will now i think about it
Specialagentjim (10:20:40 PM): and i’ll be soliciting alliances when im not yelling at the pit crew :smiley:
DaleJrFan185 (10:20:41 PM): LOL
DaleJrFan185 (10:20:59 PM): i think we should do it before elims start
punkrawker718 (10:21:02 PM): anthony is on
punkrawker718 (10:21:07 PM): yea
(10:21:07 PM) t 0 n Y 1 2 7 has entered the room.
Howl571 (10:21:08 PM): if there are emergencies ppl will be there 4 u - thats one of the reasons we started this i thought
punkrawker718 (10:21:29 PM): after the picking
punkrawker718 (10:21:34 PM): hi anthony
PooPsHoOt893 (10:21:37 PM): are we still talking about awards
PooPsHoOt893 (10:21:45 PM): or streaking during lunch
DaleJrFan185 (10:21:45 PM): after picking, before matches
punkrawker718 (10:21:49 PM): yea
DaleJrFan185 (10:21:49 PM): LMAO
LinkinMan8 (10:21:59 PM): sounds good to me
PooPsHoOt893 (10:22:08 PM): woh that hot dog was overcooked-look how shriveled it is
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:22:12 PM): lol
LinkinMan8 (10:22:22 PM): that was wrong
PooPsHoOt893 (10:22:25 PM): lol
Radar777777 (10:22:26 PM): lol
Specialagentjim (10:22:26 PM): lol
CompUthieF263 (10:22:27 PM): :open_mouth:
CompUthieF263 (10:22:33 PM): so wrong
PooPsHoOt893 (10:22:39 PM): i think i got him to stop talking lol
PooPsHoOt893 (10:23:02 PM): ok so back to awards now
DaleJrFan185 (10:23:26 PM): lol
DaleJrFan185 (10:23:28 PM): wrong
PooPsHoOt893 (10:23:30 PM): im sure if we ask FIRST-they will allow us a few minutes on the mic to give the award out during the real ceremony
Radar777777 (10:23:41 PM): yea
punkrawker718 (10:24:02 PM): yea
PooPsHoOt893 (10:24:04 PM): and if we beg enuff-we could get a spot at Nats
Howl571 (10:24:08 PM): not all of us may get to nats…:frowning:
punkrawker718 (10:24:08 PM): if not you run on the feild
punkrawker718 (10:24:10 PM): field
PooPsHoOt893 (10:24:16 PM): true
PooPsHoOt893 (10:24:18 PM): but whoever does
Radar777777 (10:24:25 PM): not scott
DaleJrFan185 (10:24:28 PM): LOL
DaleJrFan185 (10:24:29 PM): ill do it
bcahn836 (10:24:30 PM): lol
DaleJrFan185 (10:24:35 PM): and while they are chasing me
DaleJrFan185 (10:24:38 PM): grab the mic
punkrawker718 (10:24:42 PM): lol
Specialagentjim (10:24:43 PM): juss do what Rush 27 did
Specialagentjim (10:25:11 PM): we all start walking towards a team pit and chanting the team number on the way. when we get there, we annouce “the EDCU would like to present team xyz with abc award”
PooPsHoOt893 (10:25:11 PM): ?
bcahn836 (10:25:11 PM): seriously i am sure FIRST will give us a min or 2 to present an award
punkrawker718 (10:25:19 PM): cool
PooPsHoOt893 (10:25:22 PM): cool
punkrawker718 (10:25:25 PM): cool
Radar777777 (10:25:29 PM): cool
PooPsHoOt893 (10:25:30 PM): ya i would hope so
PooPsHoOt893 (10:25:40 PM): we just gotta come across seriously
punkrawker718 (10:25:47 PM): yea
punkrawker718 (10:25:57 PM): and possfessional
bcahn836 (10:26:04 PM): i really can’t think of a reason why FIRST wouldn’t let us present an award
PooPsHoOt893 (10:26:14 PM): true
PooPsHoOt893 (10:26:17 PM): but u neva know
PooPsHoOt893 (10:26:32 PM): it seems like theytake the awards at nats seriously
LinkinMan8 (10:26:39 PM): they let us raffle off a nextel phone in chicago
punkrawker718 (10:26:47 PM): chicago
Specialagentjim (10:26:49 PM): no, no they didnt…lol
Specialagentjim (10:26:54 PM): oh wait…chicago, yeah
punkrawker718 (10:26:54 PM): that not on the east coast
bcahn836 (10:26:57 PM): should we really do something like this a nats?
Specialagentjim (10:26:59 PM): atlanta, NO
Specialagentjim (10:26:59 PM): lol
LinkinMan8 (10:27:03 PM): yea
punkrawker718 (10:27:06 PM): maybe
PooPsHoOt893 (10:27:08 PM): what lol
Specialagentjim (10:27:13 PM): They tried to arrest Garry in ATL
PooPsHoOt893 (10:27:22 PM): what hap
Specialagentjim (10:27:35 PM): Let’s juss say, dont try selling raffle tickets in ATL.
PooPsHoOt893 (10:27:45 PM): lol
bcahn836 (10:27:49 PM): i mean if the nats get moved to lets say california it would be kinda pointless to present an east coast drivers union award
(10:27:57 PM) FOLEYMAN327 has entered the room.
PooPsHoOt893 (10:28:00 PM): it wont though
Radar777777 (10:28:01 PM): yup
LinkinMan8 (10:28:02 PM): we had people selling raffle tickets to win a nextel and FIRST didnt like it too much
FOLEYMAN327 (10:28:09 PM): ECDU chat or FIRST chat?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:28:10 PM): its got a 2 year deal at ATL left
PooPsHoOt893 (10:28:13 PM): ecdu
bcahn836 (10:28:15 PM): sorry
punkrawker718 (10:28:15 PM): ecdu
DaleJrFan185 (10:28:15 PM): o well, its in atl till 2006
FOLEYMAN327 (10:28:17 PM): opk
Radar777777 (10:28:24 PM): ya
punkrawker718 (10:28:28 PM): fun
LinkinMan8 (10:28:38 PM): all the money that we made was donated to FIRST so I don’t know y they didnt allow it
punkrawker718 (10:28:47 PM): just love atl with wrap party
Radar777777 (10:28:52 PM): yup
punkrawker718 (10:29:07 PM): who loved the wrap party
LinkinMan8 (10:29:12 PM): ME
Radar777777 (10:29:14 PM): me
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:29:16 PM): me
punkrawker718 (10:29:20 PM): i am in
bcahn836 (10:29:24 PM): me
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:29:27 PM): i boxed in that inflatable boxing ring lol
punkrawker718 (10:29:36 PM): and corey getting his $@#$@#$@# handed to him by my brother
LinkinMan8 (10:29:40 PM): the food was prety good for once
punkrawker718 (10:29:44 PM): yea
PooPsHoOt893 (10:29:48 PM): HE HIT ME IN THE HEAD
PooPsHoOt893 (10:29:50 PM): NO HEAD SHOTS
bcahn836 (10:29:51 PM): FREE VIDEO GAMES
bcahn836 (10:29:57 PM): LOL
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:30:00 PM): so what…head shots are fun
punkrawker718 (10:30:02 PM): the mini cars races
PooPsHoOt893 (10:30:06 PM): but not when it counts
punkrawker718 (10:30:07 PM): and he lost
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:30:07 PM): lol
bcahn836 (10:30:18 PM): FORE
(10:30:22 PM) monsieurcoffee has entered the room.
bcahn836 (10:30:23 PM): the drivign range
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:30:24 PM): bet he woulda beaten u without head shots
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:30:25 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:30:27 PM): jk
LinkinMan8 (10:30:31 PM): i was racing in one of those inflatable things and got thrown off hte top
PooPsHoOt893 (10:30:33 PM): ugh
bcahn836 (10:30:48 PM): how did we get so far off topic
PooPsHoOt893 (10:30:52 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:30:53 PM): ok corey ill give u a break
punkrawker718 (10:30:55 PM): that was me
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:30:58 PM): yea we should stay on topic
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:30:59 PM): lol
punkrawker718 (10:31:00 PM): i have add
bcahn836 (10:31:07 PM): what was the topic
PooPsHoOt893 (10:31:12 PM): awards
monsieurcoffee (10:31:12 PM): What’s the current topic?
Howl571 (10:31:13 PM): so about those awards…
PooPsHoOt893 (10:31:14 PM): or streaking
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:31:15 PM): or maybe we can have a ECDU goof off room
Howl571 (10:31:22 PM): go make one, please
PooPsHoOt893 (10:31:26 PM): lol go back to awards
bcahn836 (10:31:27 PM): Awards
punkrawker718 (10:31:28 PM): ok
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:31:29 PM): lol
bcahn836 (10:31:36 PM): time-
bcahn836 (10:31:46 PM): before elims
Howl571 (10:32:03 PM): we should have awards for best match or improv driving
bcahn836 (10:32:04 PM): or at awards
PooPsHoOt893 (10:32:18 PM): i think during the ceremony we give the big awards
bcahn836 (10:32:29 PM): ok
punkrawker718 (10:32:30 PM): how big
PooPsHoOt893 (10:32:32 PM): like money or that stuff
LinkinMan8 (10:32:39 PM): we should bring back one of the old FIRST awards “Play of the Day”
FOLEYMAN327 (10:32:39 PM): what ceremony
PooPsHoOt893 (10:32:42 PM): and then for special awards we can doing it before elims
punkrawker718 (10:32:46 PM): yea
bcahn836 (10:33:18 PM): how many awards are we looking at?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:33:21 PM): well
PooPsHoOt893 (10:33:27 PM): the major ones could be-
Howl571 (10:33:33 PM): a few that involve scholarships hopefully
PooPsHoOt893 (10:33:35 PM): chairmans-the one who ahs done the most for the game
PooPsHoOt893 (10:33:40 PM): best driver(s)
bcahn836 (10:33:53 PM): play of the day
PooPsHoOt893 (10:33:53 PM): they may involve like a scholarship
punkrawker718 (10:33:58 PM): sportmanship
PooPsHoOt893 (10:34:02 PM): and then small ones could be like potd
bcahn836 (10:34:03 PM): good one
punkrawker718 (10:34:04 PM): of driving
Radar777777 (10:34:05 PM): teamwork
PooPsHoOt893 (10:34:06 PM): sportsman
PooPsHoOt893 (10:34:10 PM): defense
Howl571 (10:34:10 PM): if something breaks or your partner dies and u come thru
PooPsHoOt893 (10:34:11 PM): offesnes
Specialagentjim (10:34:19 PM): mmhm
punkrawker718 (10:34:21 PM): how many we giving away
Howl571 (10:34:30 PM): seems like quite a few
PooPsHoOt893 (10:34:33 PM): ya
punkrawker718 (10:34:37 PM): 3
PooPsHoOt893 (10:34:38 PM): but the main ones will be Best Driver
PooPsHoOt893 (10:34:40 PM): and Chairmans
punkrawker718 (10:34:49 PM): 4 awards
PooPsHoOt893 (10:34:52 PM): they will involve the $$$ if we have it
Howl571 (10:35:09 PM): but best driver might be automatically given to best robot so we need to be careful
punkrawker718 (10:35:14 PM): why not just a trophy
PooPsHoOt893 (10:35:18 PM): ya
punkrawker718 (10:35:20 PM): some ting simple
punkrawker718 (10:35:26 PM): no money
PooPsHoOt893 (10:35:26 PM): we will come up with guidelines for that
PooPsHoOt893 (10:35:32 PM): money for scholarship
punkrawker718 (10:35:37 PM): maybe
bcahn836 (10:35:45 PM): any money would help
PooPsHoOt893 (10:35:59 PM): the best driver-we will determine on actual performance
PooPsHoOt893 (10:36:11 PM): who handles the best-we will have people watching and determing
punkrawker718 (10:36:40 PM): chairmans is?
Howl571 (10:36:51 PM): would we present it to the team or the driver specifically?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:36:59 PM): team/driver
bcahn836 (10:37:00 PM): can we ask the judges at the events to give their opinion?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:37:02 PM): depending on who did it
punkrawker718 (10:37:02 PM): what award
PooPsHoOt893 (10:37:03 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (10:37:05 PM): of course
LinkinMan8 (10:37:08 PM): i think a team of drivers
Radar777777 (10:37:13 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (10:37:23 PM): it jsut depends what award-cuz best driver-would go to primary i think
LinkinMan8 (10:37:31 PM): i dont know about asking the judges they have a lot to do in a short time
PooPsHoOt893 (10:37:33 PM): and then we could have best manipulator
bcahn836 (10:37:36 PM): true
Radar777777 (10:37:40 PM): yup
PooPsHoOt893 (10:37:44 PM): we can get people in the stands to do it
PooPsHoOt893 (10:37:51 PM): like important people-but they have no task
bcahn836 (10:38:23 PM): do the award winners have to be members of the ecdu?

Specialagentjim (10:38:35 PM): nooo
punkrawker718 (10:38:35 PM): that is a good question
PooPsHoOt893 (10:38:56 PM): i think so
punkrawker718 (10:38:59 PM): yea
Radar777777 (10:39:13 PM): no but when they win we will ask them to join
Howl571 (10:39:18 PM): no we need to spread the message not exclude teams
Howl571 (10:39:26 PM): ya wut radar said
bcahn836 (10:39:28 PM): and to what driver is the award presented to or is it presented to the “drive team” for example this year my team had 2 drivers one for the arm and one for the robot
Howl571 (10:39:46 PM): best team - a good driver needs good backup
PooPsHoOt893 (10:39:51 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (10:39:55 PM): that makes the most sense
punkrawker718 (10:39:57 PM): co pilot
bcahn836 (10:39:57 PM): good answer
bcahn836 (10:40:11 PM): best team
bcahn836 (10:40:53 PM): ok what else
PooPsHoOt893 (10:41:00 PM): chairmans
PooPsHoOt893 (10:41:05 PM): will we do best team or best individ
punkrawker718 (10:41:10 PM): yea
PooPsHoOt893 (10:41:12 PM): we can have like a woodie flowers and chairmans
PooPsHoOt893 (10:41:16 PM): just dif names
punkrawker718 (10:41:23 PM): what about coaches
PooPsHoOt893 (10:41:27 PM): we can think of a great driver fromt he past and name it after him
PooPsHoOt893 (10:41:38 PM): well many coaches may not be students
LinkinMan8 (10:41:39 PM): y not have a “field coach award”
punkrawker718 (10:41:52 PM): so
PooPsHoOt893 (10:41:55 PM): ok well
bcahn836 (10:42:02 PM): that would make a great communication award
PooPsHoOt893 (10:42:09 PM): i guess
PooPsHoOt893 (10:42:13 PM): so we can have best team
PooPsHoOt893 (10:42:18 PM): and then best indvid awards
punkrawker718 (10:42:26 PM): we are going to have tons of awards
PooPsHoOt893 (10:42:37 PM): thats good though
PooPsHoOt893 (10:42:44 PM): it gives everyone something to aspire to
Howl571 (10:42:46 PM): too many and they seem meaningless
Radar777777 (10:42:52 PM): we should not have to many
bcahn836 (10:42:54 PM): we are asking alot though
PooPsHoOt893 (10:43:04 PM): well ok-what thigns are a must
Howl571 (10:43:09 PM): ya we need a lot of scouts to cover all these
bcahn836 (10:43:18 PM): sportsmanship
bcahn836 (10:43:24 PM): teamwork
punkrawker718 (10:43:27 PM): what about best driver has to be both sportsman and driving skills
PooPsHoOt893 (10:43:40 PM): well one min
PooPsHoOt893 (10:43:47 PM): that would be like a chairmans
punkrawker718 (10:44:03 PM): sports and skill at the sticks
PooPsHoOt893 (10:44:06 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (10:44:16 PM): but i dont like the word sportsman
bcahn836 (10:44:17 PM): and the chairmans should be the big one
PooPsHoOt893 (10:44:20 PM): cuz its dif when ur on the field
PooPsHoOt893 (10:44:31 PM): if u need to win-u may have to do something non-sports
bcahn836 (10:44:33 PM): sportsmanship?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:44:39 PM): ya
Howl571 (10:45:14 PM): most drivers i like to think are nice enuf
PooPsHoOt893 (10:45:28 PM): still though
Howl571 (10:45:33 PM): if it is apparent they are jerks then they won’t get it
PooPsHoOt893 (10:45:37 PM): if u push someone out of the way
PooPsHoOt893 (10:45:41 PM): u could lose the award
PooPsHoOt893 (10:45:46 PM): when u were the best the whole day
punkrawker718 (10:45:53 PM): ok
Radar777777 (10:45:54 PM): scotts the grinch… he beat up on the 1 day bot at nationals
bcahn836 (10:46:00 PM): but what was on purpose and what was on accident?
punkrawker718 (10:46:04 PM): lol
DaleJrFan185 (10:46:09 PM): lol
Radar777777 (10:46:09 PM): both
DaleJrFan185 (10:46:17 PM): it was acidental
DaleJrFan185 (10:46:19 PM): lol
Radar777777 (10:46:24 PM): sure
DaleJrFan185 (10:46:43 PM): if i knew it was 1 day built i wouldnt have played so much
Radar777777 (10:46:52 PM): yup
DaleJrFan185 (10:47:04 PM): i didnt hear u saying anything teddy
LinkinMan8 (10:47:05 PM): well the other driver i split time with last year was known as “meathooks”
monsieurcoffee (10:47:08 PM): Must work on www.yan-wang.com/tattler before deadline. Bye. (comments are welcome)
(10:47:10 PM) monsieurcoffee has left the room.
Specialagentjim (10:47:13 PM): :wink:
bcahn836 (10:47:14 PM): ok on awards what do we have so fat
Specialagentjim (10:47:18 PM): meathooks will rise again
bcahn836 (10:47:45 PM): far
PooPsHoOt893 (10:47:56 PM): well-Chairmans
PooPsHoOt893 (10:48:00 PM): Best drive team
bcahn836 (10:48:06 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (10:48:07 PM): Woodie Flowers type
bcahn836 (10:48:27 PM): anything else?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:48:34 PM): umm
punkrawker718 (10:48:36 PM): coach
punkrawker718 (10:48:39 PM): award
PooPsHoOt893 (10:48:40 PM): best manipulator coach
Howl571 (10:48:56 PM): altho we are established as drivers, some tye of repairs award wud be nice - maybe part of coach award
bcahn836 (10:49:08 PM): 5 so far correct
PooPsHoOt893 (10:49:08 PM): thatd be good
PooPsHoOt893 (10:49:14 PM): 6
bcahn836 (10:49:17 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (10:49:28 PM): coach/manip/chair/driveteam/woody/repairs
punkrawker718 (10:49:28 PM): cool
punkrawker718 (10:49:36 PM): repairs?
punkrawker718 (10:49:57 PM): what is this award for
PooPsHoOt893 (10:50:11 PM): say u see a team keep falling apart
bcahn836 (10:50:12 PM): i think we should leave it at that and hammer out details about critera for awards
PooPsHoOt893 (10:50:17 PM): but coming back every round
punkrawker718 (10:50:26 PM): ok
punkrawker718 (10:50:29 PM): hi anthony
bcahn836 (10:50:37 PM): coach award and ideas
PooPsHoOt893 (10:50:58 PM): ill make a thread on awards
Howl571 (10:51:03 PM): k good iddea
bcahn836 (10:51:04 PM): ok
punkrawker718 (10:51:06 PM): making sure some people are still with us
punkrawker718 (10:51:08 PM): yea

bcahn836 (10:52:18 PM): ok now what
(10:52:44 PM) HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs has entered the room.
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (10:52:48 PM): ok nice
punkrawker718 (10:52:53 PM): good
bcahn836 (10:52:58 PM): hi
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (10:53:03 PM): hello everyone
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:53:15 PM): sorry for not talkin i was workin on a car stereo lol
robochick84 (10:53:35 PM): I’ll trade… you take my psychology homework!
punkrawker718 (10:53:55 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (10:54:01 PM): lol
punkrawker718 (10:54:02 PM): i going to spilt
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (10:54:08 PM): lol ok
Specialagentjim (10:54:08 PM): homework???
punkrawker718 (10:54:08 PM): family guy is on soon
Specialagentjim (10:54:10 PM): summmerrrr
Specialagentjim (10:54:14 PM): ooh! family guy!
robochick84 (10:54:17 PM): college
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (10:54:20 PM): 7 min
punkrawker718 (10:54:20 PM): good show
Specialagentjim (10:54:25 PM): <—internship
Specialagentjim (10:54:26 PM): :wink:
Howl571 (10:54:26 PM): great show
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (10:54:29 PM): Aqua Teen Hunger Force > *
punkrawker718 (10:54:31 PM): adult swin
bcahn836 (10:54:32 PM): oooh! sleep
Specialagentjim (10:54:48 PM): brb
punkrawker718 (10:55:00 PM): later all
Radar777777 (10:55:05 PM): c ya
bcahn836 (10:55:08 PM): same here
punkrawker718 (10:55:08 PM): you should all watch family guy
bcahn836 (10:55:10 PM): later all
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (10:55:12 PM): i concur
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (10:55:16 PM): listen to punk!
punkrawker718 (10:55:23 PM): what band
PooPsHoOt893 (10:55:23 PM): peace
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (10:55:27 PM): im out to… gunbound calls… and so does Family guy
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (10:55:31 PM): night people
(10:55:39 PM) punkrawker718 has left the room.
(10:55:43 PM) HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs has left the room.
LinkinMan8 (10:55:54 PM): yea i havent slept in days night everyone
bcahn836 (10:55:56 PM): bye all
(10:55:59 PM) bcahn836 has left the room.
PooPsHoOt893 (10:55:59 PM): peace
(10:56:03 PM) LinkinMan8 has left the room.
PooPsHoOt893 (10:56:06 PM): omg-that just died out fast
Howl571 (10:56:19 PM): we had 5 here b4 and we saved the chat
Howl571 (10:56:23 PM): we can do it again!
PooPsHoOt893 (10:56:26 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (10:56:46 PM): what else can we talk about
Howl571 (10:57:01 PM): um…
Specialagentjim (10:57:09 PM): family guy?
Tekno Bramha (10:57:10 PM): hey guys, its my birthday today
Howl571 (10:57:19 PM): yay happy bday!
Tekno Bramha (10:57:21 PM): unofficially
Howl571 (10:57:25 PM): ?
Crebber (10:57:43 PM): is there going to be a person or people in charge of this union
Tekno Bramha (10:57:45 PM): oh sorry i didnt mention, i am adopted and an illegal immigrant
Howl571 (10:57:53 PM): cool
PooPsHoOt893 (10:57:54 PM): ya there kind of are
PooPsHoOt893 (10:58:05 PM): Me-Punkrawker718 and tony127
Crebber (10:58:11 PM): ok
Tekno Bramha (10:58:16 PM): and hopefully we should get a mentor
PooPsHoOt893 (10:58:17 PM): we kind of got everything going-and ive been trying to stay ontop of everything
Crebber (10:58:55 PM): what are going to be the main benifits of being in the union
robochick84 (10:59:12 PM): zzzz’'s… night all :slight_smile:
PooPsHoOt893 (10:59:17 PM): nite
PooPsHoOt893 (10:59:21 PM): umm-lets see
(10:59:21 PM) robochick84 has left the room.
Specialagentjim (10:59:23 PM): nite
PooPsHoOt893 (10:59:24 PM): just meeting others
PooPsHoOt893 (10:59:29 PM): making gp
PooPsHoOt893 (10:59:35 PM): having the playing field be peaceful
PooPsHoOt893 (10:59:53 PM): knowing that u are playing vs a friend-and that they know u are only doing it to win-not hurt u
PooPsHoOt893 (11:00:04 PM): and possible scholarships
Crebber (11:00:14 PM): ok
Howl571 (11:00:51 PM): ne1 else think the gp phrase is overused to the extreme?
Tekno Bramha (11:01:00 PM): also for the fact that the east coast has a tradition of playing aggressive
Radar777777 (11:01:08 PM): yup
Tekno Bramha (11:01:10 PM): and always playing to win
Crebber (11:01:14 PM): yeah
Tekno Bramha (11:01:19 PM): it has been noted by many people at many places
Specialagentjim (11:01:19 PM): i think its lost total meaning
PooPsHoOt893 (11:01:20 PM): YES-way too much
Tekno Bramha (11:01:29 PM): so this union should give the east coast a better impression
Radar777777 (11:01:33 PM): The northeast is the worst
PooPsHoOt893 (11:01:36 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:01:41 PM): hehehe
PooPsHoOt893 (11:01:56 PM): i was almost castrated by teams at PARC
Radar777777 (11:02:05 PM): People go on kamakazi missions with their bots
Howl571 (11:02:12 PM): yup
PooPsHoOt893 (11:02:14 PM): our hook popped off-and grabbed onto MOE-was not a good site
Radar777777 (11:02:23 PM): Oops
PooPsHoOt893 (11:02:35 PM): and we kind of pulled em across the field
Radar777777 (11:02:40 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:02:46 PM): was a bad move in hindsight
Howl571 (11:02:56 PM): i wud like to get 175 in this cuz for some reason there is bad blood btwn our teams that i wanna fix
PooPsHoOt893 (11:02:57 PM): we wer eonly 2 balls from winning though
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:05 PM): ya-same here
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:13 PM): ive been trying to get rid of bad blood
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:17 PM): and so far its working
FOLEYMAN327 (11:03:21 PM): perhaps because you are ther number backwards?
Radar777777 (11:03:27 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:28 PM): lol
Howl571 (11:03:28 PM): part of it
Howl571 (11:03:51 PM): and we’re like 2 towns away
Tekno Bramha (11:04:15 PM): i g2g, but will stay in this chat
Tekno Bramha (11:04:21 PM): and read it over tomorrow
Howl571 (11:04:21 PM): k, cya
Tekno Bramha (11:04:24 PM): later all
PooPsHoOt893 (11:04:28 PM): peace
Radar777777 (11:04:30 PM): c ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:05:23 PM): btw-ive got a logo done-if u want a preview-it really sux-its just a base
PooPsHoOt893 (11:05:27 PM): i can email it to you
Radar777777 (11:05:34 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (11:05:36 PM): i made it in paint
Howl571 (11:05:37 PM): sure
PooPsHoOt893 (11:05:42 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:05:46 PM): so its kind of bad
Howl571 (11:05:46 PM): [email protected]
Radar777777 (11:06:01 PM): [email protected]
Howl571 (11:06:05 PM): im sure its better than mine
PooPsHoOt893 (11:06:37 PM): its really really bad lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:06:42 PM): just an idea
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:03 PM): im gonna get someone to go over it and fix it
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:11 PM): and actually make it look real
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:07:14 PM): im gonna make one with photoshop
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:07:14 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:07:20 PM): and inventor
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:37 PM): with paint it was fast
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:38 PM): just bad lol
Howl571 (11:07:58 PM): this 4 our pins?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:08:27 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:08:35 PM): its just an idea for the logo
PooPsHoOt893 (11:08:39 PM): the pins will have more to it
PooPsHoOt893 (11:08:55 PM): like proud member of-motto-team # and name of person
PooPsHoOt893 (11:09:01 PM): or something like that
Howl571 (11:09:31 PM): maybe u shud acutally type the letters using paint
Radar777777 (11:09:37 PM): good draft

Howl571 (11:09:44 PM): the u is a little mishapen
PooPsHoOt893 (11:09:49 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:09:53 PM): we will fix it
Howl571 (11:10:01 PM): not bad tho
PooPsHoOt893 (11:10:16 PM): ya-i thought it was a good idea-we just have to make it look professional
Radar777777 (11:10:43 PM): yea
(11:11:22 PM) FOLEYMAN327 has left the room.
PooPsHoOt893 (11:11:38 PM): slowly widdling down again
PooPsHoOt893 (11:12:04 PM): same thing happened last nite-just everyone goes drifting
Howl571 (11:13:35 PM): anyone wants a laugh look at our website in progress Team Paragon Website
PooPsHoOt893 (11:14:23 PM): its a good base
Radar777777 (11:14:38 PM): ya
Howl571 (11:15:09 PM): any suggestions? I shud bring some good info to our meeting tomorrow
Radar777777 (11:15:13 PM): it seems really out of proportion
PooPsHoOt893 (11:15:28 PM): ya
Howl571 (11:15:35 PM): k
PooPsHoOt893 (11:15:41 PM): id say its ok-just get more of the links working lol
Radar777777 (11:15:57 PM): you have these huge buttons and then a small pic of the bot and your symbel
PooPsHoOt893 (11:16:06 PM): ya
Howl571 (11:16:13 PM): ya we’re gonna switch the main page i think
PooPsHoOt893 (11:16:16 PM): sponsors should be spaced out better
Howl571 (11:18:19 PM): k
Howl571 (11:18:27 PM): ll let team kno, thx
Radar777777 (11:18:44 PM): np
PooPsHoOt893 (11:19:07 PM): yup
Howl571 (11:19:46 PM): im wonderin whose actually here…how bout a quick role call?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:19:55 PM): im still
Radar777777 (11:19:58 PM): me
PooPsHoOt893 (11:19:58 PM): i doubt many are
PooPsHoOt893 (11:20:03 PM): its prob just us 3 lol
Radar777777 (11:20:07 PM): lol
Howl571 (11:20:10 PM): ok 3 of us great
PooPsHoOt893 (11:20:57 PM): can u guys think of anything else u wanna talk about
(11:21:03 PM) JankKiddo103 has entered the room.
Howl571 (11:21:08 PM): hi
PooPsHoOt893 (11:21:16 PM): hey
DaleJrFan185 (11:21:24 PM): i am sorta
PooPsHoOt893 (11:21:31 PM): lol
Radar777777 (11:21:47 PM): what mini comps r u going to
Howl571 (11:21:51 PM): bash
PooPsHoOt893 (11:22:04 PM): as a vid of him topless goes across the computer screen
(11:22:05 PM) JankKiddo103 has left the room.
Howl571 (11:22:14 PM): fall fury if they change the date…
PooPsHoOt893 (11:22:33 PM): im going to Brunswick Eruption-our event-Ramp Riot-and Duel on the Delaware
PooPsHoOt893 (11:22:43 PM): If u can come down to BE
PooPsHoOt893 (11:22:47 PM): its halloween themed
PooPsHoOt893 (11:22:57 PM): we have some good ideas for special rounds
Howl571 (11:23:11 PM): ill try to talk to team about more competitions - our schools picky about taking time off
PooPsHoOt893 (11:23:25 PM): like possibly-shutting out the lights and using the leds as your only tool-and spraying the balls and bar with glow in the dark stuff
PooPsHoOt893 (11:23:36 PM): or corralling pumpkins
Radar777777 (11:23:49 PM): lol
Radar777777 (11:23:54 PM): cool
PooPsHoOt893 (11:24:04 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:24:09 PM): theres a ton of things we are thinking about
PooPsHoOt893 (11:24:15 PM): all like that
Howl571 (11:24:52 PM): any place to find info on this years yet?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:25:08 PM): ?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:25:14 PM): BE?
Howl571 (11:25:29 PM): ya but nvm i found it BrunswickEruption
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:32 PM): its pretty bare so far
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:36 PM): but some good teams going
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:54 PM): 11-303-1403-222-56
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:01 PM): and then 19 and 1089 won an offseason with us
Howl571 (11:27:07 PM): ya i’ll try to ask at meeting tomorrow
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:16 PM): k thatd be great
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:25 PM): itd be amazing to have a team of ur calliber there
Radar777777 (11:27:31 PM): 237 is thinking about it
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:43 PM): god-i hope
PooPsHoOt893 (11:28:14 PM): u could reunite with 303 56
Radar777777 (11:28:18 PM): ya
Radar777777 (11:28:26 PM): that would be great
PooPsHoOt893 (11:28:26 PM): if that happens-we are making a round of 303-237 vs us and someone
PooPsHoOt893 (11:28:48 PM): maybe if we can get cybersonics
Radar777777 (11:28:49 PM): lol cool
Howl571 (11:28:51 PM): 3 hour drive for us but maybe…we did fall fury after all
PooPsHoOt893 (11:28:57 PM): itd be exactly like first ruond of NJ
PooPsHoOt893 (11:29:12 PM): ya-ive been trying to convince people the drive is worth it
Radar777777 (11:29:19 PM): ya us too and then our robot broke in the first round
Radar777777 (11:29:24 PM): that would be cool