[ECDU]: CHAT 7/21

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PooPsHoOt893 (10:55:48 PM): hey all
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Howl571 (10:56:07 PM): so wut u guys wanna talk about tonight?
PooPsHoOt893 (10:56:21 PM): hmm-i put up a layout for the site on the forum
PooPsHoOt893 (10:56:28 PM): if anyone wants to check that out
Howl571 (10:56:33 PM): ya it looked good
PooPsHoOt893 (10:56:37 PM): i also posted a possible logo on the forum too
Crebber (10:57:00 PM): how do i find it on cs?
Crebber (10:57:07 PM): cd*
PooPsHoOt893 (10:57:14 PM): go to the ECDU part
PooPsHoOt893 (10:57:18 PM): under first related orgs
Crebber (10:57:26 PM): ohh
PooPsHoOt893 (10:57:31 PM): then find the thread with titled logo
PooPsHoOt893 (10:57:36 PM): its like around the 15th post there i think
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Howl571 (10:58:11 PM): so we seem to have our motto pretty much established
PooPsHoOt893 (10:58:17 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (10:58:27 PM): im leaving it up there to vote on though
PooPsHoOt893 (10:58:32 PM): although i doubt it changes
Howl571 (10:58:38 PM): k
PooPsHoOt893 (10:58:47 PM): and bharat did start to do some stuff for the website
PooPsHoOt893 (10:58:56 PM): we are basing it off of our team domain
PooPsHoOt893 (10:59:02 PM): for now at least
PooPsHoOt893 (10:59:17 PM): just to have one done
Howl571 (10:59:28 PM): k cool
LinkinMan8 (10:59:44 PM): i gtg guys night
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PooPsHoOt893 (11:00:18 PM): i had a feeling it was gonna be slow tonite
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Howl571 (11:00:30 PM): next maybe we should work on organizing some presentation or email to send to possible sponsors
PooPsHoOt893 (11:00:48 PM): ya
Howl571 (11:01:35 PM): ne1 here do fundraising for their team?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:01:48 PM): im like about to lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:01:57 PM): we are approaching pepsi and puma possibly
PooPsHoOt893 (11:02:02 PM): so we have stuff in the works
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Howl571 (11:02:47 PM): are we gonna forget lexus and ideas like that then? i dont think we need a huge number of sponsors
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:04 PM): well
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:06 PM): not sure
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:11 PM): we will approach a big name sponsor
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:15 PM): they have more money to throw around
PooPsHoOt893 (11:03:36 PM): my own team is going after pepsi and puma
Howl571 (11:03:42 PM): o i c
PooPsHoOt893 (11:04:10 PM): im sure we will get some amount of money
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nohurlingonme92 (11:04:14 PM): yoooooo
PooPsHoOt893 (11:04:16 PM): just not sure how much
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:04:18 PM): sup meyers
Howl571 (11:05:11 PM): how much do u think we’ll need for ecdu?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:05:16 PM): well it all depends
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:05:23 PM): id say 2 g’s is a good start
PooPsHoOt893 (11:05:34 PM): say we do the woody flowers award-should we give em a scholarship
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:05:40 PM): t shirts, pins, bandanas and ne other items
Howl571 (11:05:48 PM): hopefully scholarships
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:05:48 PM): worry about scholarships after we’re off the ground
PooPsHoOt893 (11:05:52 PM): ya
nohurlingonme92 (11:06:05 PM): yeaaah
PooPsHoOt893 (11:06:05 PM): i think to start-all we need is a grand
PooPsHoOt893 (11:06:09 PM): just to make the pins
PooPsHoOt893 (11:06:10 PM): and make shirts
nohurlingonme92 (11:06:14 PM): i wanna go on tour
PooPsHoOt893 (11:06:15 PM): and get our name out there
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:06:18 PM): i think we’d wanna b organized and junk b4 we go gung ho into gettin scholarships?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:06:59 PM): ya
Howl571 (11:07:07 PM): ya but if we ask for money from a company they may want to know how much they’re gonna give us yearly/in the long run
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:07 PM): but we are almost organized
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:13 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:25 PM): all we really have to worry about now is the money
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:07:26 PM): well we can say we want a certain amount to begin with
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:07:33 PM): and we’ll see from there
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:37 PM): thats wrong though
Howl571 (11:07:39 PM): but we do need to expand ECDU to as many teams as possible esp. in offseason events
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:41 PM): u cant tell a company how much u want
PooPsHoOt893 (11:07:46 PM): they tell u how much they will give
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:07:49 PM): well we see how much they give us
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:07:49 PM): yea
nohurlingonme92 (11:08:02 PM): can we tour the east coast
Howl571 (11:08:05 PM): lol u see how new i am at fundraising
PooPsHoOt893 (11:08:17 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:08:20 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:08:24 PM): we can get it done fine ithink
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:08:27 PM): yea meyers lets buy a tour bus
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:08:27 PM): haha
PooPsHoOt893 (11:08:37 PM): im sure we can get a company to shell out 5k
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:08:39 PM): yea
nohurlingonme92 (11:08:45 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:08:46 PM): if we get a nice sized company
Howl571 (11:08:52 PM): esp big rich car companies
PooPsHoOt893 (11:08:54 PM): i think we set aside 1.5 and use it for our stuff-like pins and all
nohurlingonme92 (11:09:00 PM): mercedes
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:09:00 PM): benz, lexus, bmw, bentley
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:09:05 PM): rolls
PooPsHoOt893 (11:09:07 PM): then we set aside around 2.5ish for scholarships
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:09:08 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:09:11 PM): yea
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Howl571 (11:09:33 PM): and 1 g to be split up among us just becuz
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:09:42 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:09:43 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:09:47 PM): that works
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:09:47 PM): haha
PooPsHoOt893 (11:09:51 PM): i think with the extra money
PooPsHoOt893 (11:09:55 PM): we would just save it for next year
PooPsHoOt893 (11:10:04 PM): and give out an extra scholarship
PooPsHoOt893 (11:10:13 PM): like me goal is to get 3/4 scholarships going
Howl571 (11:10:20 PM): ya that’d be good, but we do have to see how much we can get
PooPsHoOt893 (11:10:24 PM): ya
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:10:26 PM): yea
nohurlingonme92 (11:10:35 PM): tour
nohurlingonme92 (11:10:36 PM): tour
nohurlingonme92 (11:10:37 PM): tour
nohurlingonme92 (11:10:38 PM): tour
nohurlingonme92 (11:10:39 PM): toyr
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:10:40 PM): we’re talkin big money here…we mite not get all of it from one industry
nohurlingonme92 (11:10:44 PM): tour*
PooPsHoOt893 (11:10:57 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:11:03 PM): but some places might not like if we double it
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:11:08 PM): we can hit honda and get a free rice rocket :slight_smile:
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:11:09 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:11:16 PM): say we get Benz-they still might not want another company in there
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:11:20 PM): thats true
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:11:28 PM): well that mite intimidate them to put up more cash
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:11:36 PM): so we stick with them
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:11:39 PM): no wut i mean?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:11:49 PM): they wont though
PooPsHoOt893 (11:11:54 PM): they could care less really
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:11:58 PM): basically
PooPsHoOt893 (11:12:01 PM): the one thing about a big company
PooPsHoOt893 (11:12:09 PM): esp a car company-we are just kids
PooPsHoOt893 (11:12:14 PM): we arent gonna buy a benz
Howl571 (11:12:18 PM): more than one industry - we wudnt have Lexus and Benz in there - it’d be like Benz and hershey or sumthin else in a random catagory
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:12:40 PM): exactly
PooPsHoOt893 (11:12:43 PM): ya
Howl571 (11:12:46 PM): then they wudnt be as worried about competition
PooPsHoOt893 (11:13:08 PM): i think its best if we go for a kid targeted company
PooPsHoOt893 (11:13:17 PM): if we stick with cars-maybe honda or vq
PooPsHoOt893 (11:13:18 PM): vw
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:13:23 PM): and how i see it, we aren’t just kids…if we go looking for sponsors, and we are formal and professional companies will think higher
PooPsHoOt893 (11:13:38 PM): but-i think going after say…skateboarding or athletic wear
PooPsHoOt893 (11:13:44 PM): they will
nohurlingonme92 (11:13:49 PM): toys r us!!!
PooPsHoOt893 (11:13:59 PM): but still there job is to know what to use and what not to
PooPsHoOt893 (11:14:08 PM): they see 20000 kids-how is that gonna help them out
PooPsHoOt893 (11:14:17 PM): with a car company
PooPsHoOt893 (11:14:18 PM): it doesnt
PooPsHoOt893 (11:14:22 PM): with say Nike
PooPsHoOt893 (11:14:25 PM): its amazing
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HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:15:14 PM): ?
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PooPsHoOt893 (11:15:30 PM): hey
Howl571 (11:15:31 PM): we are discussing sponsors
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Specialagentjim (11:15:40 PM): heyas
monsieurcoffee (11:15:43 PM): Hello
PooPsHoOt893 (11:15:49 PM): hey
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PooPsHoOt893 (11:15:55 PM): sponsor ideas
PooPsHoOt893 (11:16:03 PM): if u guys think of anything-just say it
PooPsHoOt893 (11:16:25 PM): we are trying to think with what kind of company we are best off going after
Howl571 (11:16:46 PM): the Nike idea sounds good but really besides advertising wut wud they care about a robotics team?
Howl571 (11:17:03 PM): we wud want somebody that at least somewhat cared about wut we
Howl571 (11:17:09 PM): r doing
PooPsHoOt893 (11:17:17 PM): ya-but who would be
nohurlingonme92 (11:17:24 PM): wow!
PooPsHoOt893 (11:17:24 PM): that is willing to shell out a lot of money
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:17:25 PM): how about a computer company…not even like a name brand…like a case manufacturer like Antec or sumthing…theres lots of computer freaks in the FIRST world
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:17:27 PM): me being one of them
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:17:28 PM): lol
Crebber (11:17:39 PM): ati? graphics card company
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:17:44 PM): there ya go
nohurlingonme92 (11:17:47 PM): y callin me a freak
PooPsHoOt893 (11:17:55 PM): possibly
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:17:55 PM): antec, ati, Nvidia
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:17:57 PM): AMD
PooPsHoOt893 (11:18:09 PM): but its gotta be something bigger though-they will give more money
PooPsHoOt893 (11:18:16 PM): a small company would like to be a sponsor
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:18:19 PM): those are all big companies bro
PooPsHoOt893 (11:18:21 PM): but they may not have th emoney
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:18:28 PM): amd is huge
PooPsHoOt893 (11:18:33 PM): ya-but like 100 million plus
Biga5872 (11:18:40 PM): nvidia just made some money off me
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:18:50 PM): amd got my cash…thats wut im runnin rite now lol
Howl571 (11:19:13 PM): y not big name brands? how bout sony or ibm?
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:19:19 PM): we can go after that too
PooPsHoOt893 (11:19:26 PM): Linux-hell they are a becoming huge
PooPsHoOt893 (11:19:34 PM): if we use them-we can spawn off there rise
Specialagentjim (11:19:36 PM): lin…ux?
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:19:42 PM): lets call up bill gates for microsoft
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:19:43 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:19:45 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:19:55 PM): u r right though
PooPsHoOt893 (11:20:08 PM): a company with huge ties in computers-would love it
monsieurcoffee (11:20:28 PM): i must go do work
monsieurcoffee (11:20:30 PM): bye
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t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:20:49 PM): computering and robotics goes hand in hand
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:20:53 PM): and those ppl would see it
nohurlingonme92 (11:21:02 PM): ohhh tony u soo smart
nohurlingonme92 (11:21:03 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:21:07 PM): lol
Crebber (11:21:22 PM): what about zephyr hats
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:21:23 PM): i mean if we were running a horse race then nike could be a sponsor lol…but a computer company is more relevant
PooPsHoOt893 (11:21:28 PM): zephyr is amazing lol
Biga5872 (11:21:31 PM): think hard what are some of the major tech companies based in the east I mean think of some around where you live
Crebber (11:21:33 PM): that would be cool
PooPsHoOt893 (11:21:38 PM): it would be
PooPsHoOt893 (11:21:40 PM): free hats
PooPsHoOt893 (11:21:43 PM): thatd be sweet
Howl571 (11:22:11 PM): ne1 know where the major bases of large computer companies are?
nohurlingonme92 (11:22:19 PM): nope
Specialagentjim (11:22:21 PM): silicon valley…
PooPsHoOt893 (11:22:27 PM): ya
Howl571 (11:22:42 PM): anything on east coast?
nohurlingonme92 (11:23:13 PM): its all in china
Biga5872 (11:23:13 PM): even just like manufacturing facilities
PooPsHoOt893 (11:23:46 PM): hmm
PooPsHoOt893 (11:23:58 PM): NJ is very industrial
nohurlingonme92 (11:24:10 PM): vErY
Specialagentjim (11:24:11 PM): siemens is big time easy
Specialagentjim (11:24:14 PM): *east
PooPsHoOt893 (11:24:26 PM): im thkning MA has the biggest computer draw
nohurlingonme92 (11:24:35 PM): whats there
Biga5872 (11:24:42 PM): yea i am in their building systems division as an intern
Crebber (11:24:43 PM): fedex or that new dhl
Howl571 (11:24:54 PM): IBM Corporation 1133 Westchester AvenueWhite Plains, New York 10604United States
nohurlingonme92 (11:25:02 PM): nice
Howl571 (11:25:06 PM): ne1 up for a road trip?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:25:08 PM): well that would be good lol
nohurlingonme92 (11:25:10 PM): att maybe
PooPsHoOt893 (11:25:11 PM): lol
nohurlingonme92 (11:25:13 PM): verizon
PooPsHoOt893 (11:25:35 PM): Ok-everyone we will leave now-lets meet up there say tomorrow at 8am
Howl571 (11:25:41 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:25:48 PM): that would be amazing
nohurlingonme92 (11:25:49 PM): i got summer school
nohurlingonme92 (11:25:49 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:25:53 PM): if u could just plan something like that
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:25:53 PM): !?
Biga5872 (11:25:57 PM): yea a little hard for me
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:02 PM): lol
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:26:02 PM): where at 8!?! lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:05 PM): lol
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:26:06 PM): which verizon?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:08 PM): joking
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:11 PM): to IBM
Crebber (11:26:14 PM): nokia sponsored our team and gave us phones to use at all our competitions
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:15 PM): i think that is our best bet for now
PooPsHoOt893 (11:26:29 PM): do u know how much $ they gave
Specialagentjim (11:26:31 PM): motorola sponsors us
Specialagentjim (11:26:32 PM): :wink:
nohurlingonme92 (11:26:33 PM): theres a buncha verizon places and all that crap
Specialagentjim (11:26:49 PM): and i got an internship at moto because of it
Specialagentjim (11:26:54 PM): <—way devoted to moto now
Biga5872 (11:27:02 PM): maybe we could try in the airline industry
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:04 PM): lol
Biga5872 (11:27:08 PM): like jet blue
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:08 PM): not sure
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:11 PM): airlines might be ok
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:24 PM): just-there stocks are always falling now
PooPsHoOt893 (11:27:31 PM): so they might not want to give up anything
Howl571 (11:28:10 PM): if we get ibm or some1 like them i think we’ll be fine
Biga5872 (11:28:18 PM): well we are a drivers union and im sure there will be some pilots among us
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:28:21 PM): mayb for now we should buy white t’s and put our names on them with permanent markers?
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:28:22 PM): lol
Biga5872 (11:28:24 PM): yea ibm would be nice
PooPsHoOt893 (11:28:37 PM): ya-im sure there will be a ton of pilots
PooPsHoOt893 (11:28:55 PM): but i dont think a big company is concerned with the future pilots
Biga5872 (11:29:06 PM): true
PooPsHoOt893 (11:29:17 PM): wed have to go after a tech company specializing in aeronautics
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:29:27 PM): aka nasa
PooPsHoOt893 (11:29:28 PM): lockheed martin it hink
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t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:29:33 PM): that too
PooPsHoOt893 (11:29:36 PM): but they are big west coast
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smoothsurfer12 (11:30:36 PM): hey guys, i’m here, but i might be intermittent, very busy with online shat (girls and gaming)
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:30:42 PM): lol
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:30:45 PM): good reasons
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:30:46 PM): haha
PooPsHoOt893 (11:30:48 PM): lol
smoothsurfer12 (11:30:51 PM): yeah
smoothsurfer12 (11:30:55 PM): Dark throne too:-)
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Radar777777 (11:31:27 PM): hi
Howl571 (11:31:29 PM): 4 now we shud start to develop a way to go about asking these companies
PooPsHoOt893 (11:31:32 PM): hey
Howl571 (11:31:42 PM): how many ppl need to actually go to the places?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:32:17 PM): few
Howl571 (11:32:30 PM): ne1 live in white plains?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:32:38 PM): i know where it is
smoothsurfer12 (11:32:41 PM): well, what would be better, people to people, or e-mails?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:32:48 PM): im sure if i needed to i could make a trip there
PooPsHoOt893 (11:32:52 PM): emails to start
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:32:53 PM): anyone here of KVH?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:32:58 PM): then people to people
smoothsurfer12 (11:33:01 PM): k
smoothsurfer12 (11:33:03 PM): good idea
PooPsHoOt893 (11:33:05 PM): nope?
Howl571 (11:33:06 PM): or phone calls perhaps…
PooPsHoOt893 (11:33:11 PM): well-id say email first
smoothsurfer12 (11:33:12 PM): like ask for an interview type thing
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:33:13 PM): im like in and out lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:33:15 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:33:25 PM): the email will show our interest
PooPsHoOt893 (11:33:31 PM): and give them an idea of what we are doing
PooPsHoOt893 (11:33:38 PM): the interview-they can see how serious we are
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:33:42 PM): KVH makes the US military’s gps systems, the A5 (in car statilite dish etc)
Biga5872 (11:33:47 PM): first thing is to ask are any of these companies already involved at all
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:33:51 PM): think they would sponsor a team!?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:34:01 PM): they might
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:34:06 PM): hey i want a us military gps
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:34:07 PM): lol
Howl571 (11:34:11 PM): where are they based?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:34:12 PM): none that i know of
PooPsHoOt893 (11:34:31 PM): like nokia-verizon-motorola are involved
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:34:47 PM): y dnt we hit a computer company then

Biga5872 (11:34:52 PM): if they are how much would they be willing to give
PooPsHoOt893 (11:35:03 PM): not as much i wouldnt think
Biga5872 (11:35:34 PM): exactly we have to find our primaries and hit them hard
Biga5872 (11:35:44 PM): ibm for instance
Biga5872 (11:35:55 PM): anyone know about any involvement at all
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:36:01 PM): dnt think so
Biga5872 (11:36:04 PM): heard the name through another team
PooPsHoOt893 (11:36:14 PM): they are probably involved
Biga5872 (11:36:21 PM): I would think
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:36:26 PM): i havent heard anything about ATI being involved
PooPsHoOt893 (11:37:10 PM): we could
PooPsHoOt893 (11:37:16 PM): but Linux is a main stream push now
Biga5872 (11:37:26 PM): sorry if im in and out I am working on a project report for my internship
PooPsHoOt893 (11:37:30 PM): if we do that-we(FIRST)will go up with em
Radar777777 (11:37:31 PM): ATI sponsers a team
PooPsHoOt893 (11:37:34 PM): np
Radar777777 (11:37:41 PM): IBM used to sponser 237
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:37:44 PM): what about nvidia
Howl571 (11:37:55 PM): used to??? y did they stop?
Radar777777 (11:38:00 PM): idk
PooPsHoOt893 (11:38:22 PM): i say Linux guys
PooPsHoOt893 (11:38:24 PM): it makes sense
Howl571 (11:38:27 PM): that worries me - maybe they decided against sponsoring robots for some reason
Radar777777 (11:38:33 PM): i think our contact retired so they dropped us
Biga5872 (11:38:39 PM): get on delphi and ask around
PooPsHoOt893 (11:39:06 PM): with Linux-they will be attracted-because they know its all computer people-and thats a huge market to tap into
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:39:09 PM): i think we should maybe aim for AMD if its on the east coast
PooPsHoOt893 (11:39:12 PM): 20000 kids
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:39:16 PM): cuz amd is big right now
PooPsHoOt893 (11:39:21 PM): check it out then
smoothsurfer12 (11:39:27 PM): all good ideas
PooPsHoOt893 (11:39:30 PM): see if u can find there base of operations
smoothsurfer12 (11:39:44 PM): i am all about asking the delphi folks too whoever mentioned it
nohurlingonme92 (11:39:56 PM): goodnight yall and goodluck
smoothsurfer12 (11:40:00 PM): night man
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t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:40:37 PM): amd is in cali
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:40:39 PM): and im out
t 0 n Y 1 2 7 (11:40:40 PM): tty tomorrow
PooPsHoOt893 (11:40:42 PM): peace
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PooPsHoOt893 (11:40:54 PM): well all the major companies that we are gonna want
PooPsHoOt893 (11:40:58 PM): are Silicon Valley
smoothsurfer12 (11:41:01 PM): hahah
Howl571 (11:41:01 PM): who here is actually paying any attention?
smoothsurfer12 (11:41:03 PM): good call
PooPsHoOt893 (11:41:06 PM): i still am
smoothsurfer12 (11:41:08 PM): me:-)
PooPsHoOt893 (11:41:10 PM): lol
Howl571 (11:41:10 PM): 3 it seems like
smoothsurfer12 (11:41:15 PM): yay
PooPsHoOt893 (11:41:17 PM): whatever-its sitll good enuff
smoothsurfer12 (11:41:28 PM): yeah
Biga5872 (11:41:35 PM): meme
smoothsurfer12 (11:41:42 PM): first call of order
PooPsHoOt893 (11:41:45 PM): ok 4 lol
smoothsurfer12 (11:41:46 PM): brainstorm(now)
PooPsHoOt893 (11:41:50 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:42:09 PM): well IBM-although they have teams already
smoothsurfer12 (11:42:10 PM): second call assign info gatherers. about braintsormed Co.'s
PooPsHoOt893 (11:42:10 PM): so we think
Howl571 (11:42:14 PM): too many ideas i think - we shud look at our current ones b4 getting more
PooPsHoOt893 (11:42:15 PM): they have a ton of money
Howl571 (11:42:32 PM): so ibm is a good chance
PooPsHoOt893 (11:42:40 PM): k list co’s to go after
smoothsurfer12 (11:42:50 PM): then we write about to them and assign a pr rep from ecdu to deal with them, abnd report to us what is happenin
PooPsHoOt893 (11:43:03 PM): IBM-nvidia-amd-linux
smoothsurfer12 (11:43:08 PM): k
Howl571 (11:43:17 PM): ok lets stick with those 4
PooPsHoOt893 (11:43:18 PM): ya-thatll happen sooner or later
smoothsurfer12 (11:43:18 PM): hey, what about think geek . com?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:43:28 PM): we just have to plan out where we wanna go with it
Biga5872 (11:43:36 PM): we need to come up with a basic outline of the points we want to get acrosse
PooPsHoOt893 (11:43:38 PM): and just organize
smoothsurfer12 (11:43:42 PM): yeah
Radar777777 (11:43:50 PM): thinkgeek would be cool
smoothsurfer12 (11:43:56 PM): and we ned contact info through researchers
smoothsurfer12 (11:44:00 PM): yeah
Biga5872 (11:44:01 PM): yea wat about some .coms
smoothsurfer12 (11:44:15 PM): some.com?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:44:16 PM): that makes sense
PooPsHoOt893 (11:44:19 PM): just who
Biga5872 (11:44:24 PM): .com
smoothsurfer12 (11:44:36 PM): oh
Biga5872 (11:44:39 PM): websites in general
smoothsurfer12 (11:44:40 PM): gott ya
smoothsurfer12 (11:44:46 PM): how stuff works
Howl571 (11:44:47 PM): im not the authority on this but unless u sell a ton of stuff on the internet it’ll be hard to sponsor somebody in additiion to ur profits
Biga5872 (11:44:48 PM): sorry
PooPsHoOt893 (11:44:55 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:44:58 PM): thats what i thought
Biga5872 (11:45:07 PM): well like big places
smoothsurfer12 (11:45:09 PM): think geek does
Biga5872 (11:45:12 PM): ebay new egg
PooPsHoOt893 (11:45:23 PM): amazon
Biga5872 (11:45:31 PM): alienware
smoothsurfer12 (11:45:38 PM): but are they us related?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:45:39 PM): oooh
PooPsHoOt893 (11:45:41 PM): alienware
smoothsurfer12 (11:45:42 PM): alienware would be i think
PooPsHoOt893 (11:45:43 PM): thatd be nice
smoothsurfer12 (11:46:19 PM): IBM-nvidia-amd-linux-think geek-alienware
PooPsHoOt893 (11:46:35 PM): alienware
PooPsHoOt893 (11:46:38 PM): out of Florida
PooPsHoOt893 (11:46:40 PM): Miami
PooPsHoOt893 (11:46:43 PM): soo theres a start
Howl571 (11:46:45 PM): ok 6 ideas, try not to get any more until we look into these a little more
smoothsurfer12 (11:46:45 PM): east coast!
PooPsHoOt893 (11:46:47 PM): we can get tytus on that
Radar777777 (11:46:50 PM): i don’t know it this was mentioned yet but alot of companies will not donate or sponser you if are not a registered non-profit organization
smoothsurfer12 (11:46:52 PM): k
Biga5872 (11:46:53 PM): i knew i could think of something
smoothsurfer12 (11:47:04 PM): yeah
smoothsurfer12 (11:47:06 PM): good cal
PooPsHoOt893 (11:47:07 PM): well thats a good point too lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:47:14 PM): lol
Biga5872 (11:47:28 PM): sorry but my brain is fried
smoothsurfer12 (11:47:30 PM): i hear of one alot, a 501-c3, my work place is one and my team is one i think
Radar777777 (11:47:39 PM): ya that is it
smoothsurfer12 (11:47:46 PM): we should check it

smoothsurfer12 (11:48:20 PM): and that will end up with us writing a mission statement or guidline to the group o fsorts
smoothsurfer12 (11:48:21 PM): what we do
PooPsHoOt893 (11:48:42 PM): well we can get that done
smoothsurfer12 (11:48:42 PM): so… for the next time we meet we could all work on ideas to put in it
PooPsHoOt893 (11:48:48 PM): ya
smoothsurfer12 (11:49:12 PM): were is leicht??
smoothsurfer12 (11:49:55 PM): w/e
PooPsHoOt893 (11:49:59 PM): i think hes just been away
PooPsHoOt893 (11:50:03 PM): he was on at like 9
PooPsHoOt893 (11:50:05 PM): then he left
smoothsurfer12 (11:50:06 PM): guys, i gotta roll out
PooPsHoOt893 (11:50:11 PM): just all of a sudden
PooPsHoOt893 (11:50:12 PM): kk later
smoothsurfer12 (11:50:18 PM): i will check on 501 c3 through work and my team
Howl571 (11:50:24 PM): cya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:50:24 PM): nice-thx
Radar777777 (11:50:26 PM): ok c ya
smoothsurfer12 (11:50:33 PM): later:-)
(11:50:44 PM) smoothsurfer12 has left the room.
PooPsHoOt893 (11:51:08 PM): well alienware is are biggest target now
PooPsHoOt893 (11:51:11 PM): east coast
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:51:19 PM): dun dun dun!
PooPsHoOt893 (11:51:19 PM): fairly big company
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:51:26 PM): boo!!! boo overpriced PC’s =P
PooPsHoOt893 (11:51:52 PM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:51:57 PM): ya they are hella overpriced
Howl571 (11:52:03 PM): well if we get them we can get discout :slight_smile:
PooPsHoOt893 (11:52:04 PM): but better for us lol
PooPsHoOt893 (11:52:06 PM): more money
Radar777777 (11:52:10 PM): they look cool
PooPsHoOt893 (11:52:19 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:53:11 PM): omg-i just looked at there newer one
PooPsHoOt893 (11:53:15 PM): i like fell out of my chair
PooPsHoOt893 (11:53:18 PM): it looks insane
Howl571 (11:53:28 PM): how many ppl can we get down there for the presentation?
PooPsHoOt893 (11:53:44 PM): well weve got swampthang and spam
PooPsHoOt893 (11:53:48 PM): and pink team
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:54:05 PM): ill fly down to FLA =P
PooPsHoOt893 (11:54:07 PM): so plenty of people to do something
PooPsHoOt893 (11:54:08 PM): lol
HaRDCoRe2xtrEmEs (11:54:27 PM): as long as i get a free PC out of it from the company =P
Biga5872 (11:54:31 PM): I’ll drive
PooPsHoOt893 (11:54:32 PM): lol
Biga5872 (11:54:42 PM): its not that far
PooPsHoOt893 (11:54:43 PM): if u seriously can get down there at one point
PooPsHoOt893 (11:54:44 PM): thatd be nice
Biga5872 (11:55:11 PM): Mississippi Gulf Coast
Biga5872 (11:55:58 PM): doable for me
PooPsHoOt893 (11:56:17 PM): nice
PooPsHoOt893 (11:56:50 PM): hopefuly we can get like 108 180 179 233 or 1083 in there instead
PooPsHoOt893 (11:56:53 PM): cuz they are in FLA
Biga5872 (11:56:59 PM): first thing is we got to figure out what we want and how we are going to ask
PooPsHoOt893 (11:57:03 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:57:14 PM): im thinking we should save that topic though
PooPsHoOt893 (11:57:21 PM): cuz not many people on to actually decide
Biga5872 (11:57:22 PM): yea
Howl571 (11:57:32 PM): ya for tomorrow night
PooPsHoOt893 (11:57:36 PM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (11:57:43 PM): or whenever we get a chance
Biga5872 (11:57:56 PM): well lets get a timeline
PooPsHoOt893 (11:58:04 PM): ok
PooPsHoOt893 (11:58:14 PM): so say we get it started tomorrow-we can make a ruff draft
Biga5872 (11:58:14 PM): get research done in a week
PooPsHoOt893 (11:58:21 PM): ya
Biga5872 (11:58:29 PM): email in that time
Biga5872 (11:58:41 PM): get contact info
PooPsHoOt893 (11:59:01 PM): ya
Biga5872 (11:59:03 PM): what about the nonprofit organization thing
PooPsHoOt893 (11:59:07 PM): true
PooPsHoOt893 (11:59:17 PM): we should find out about htat first
PooPsHoOt893 (11:59:24 PM): or-well we can check with them first
PooPsHoOt893 (11:59:28 PM): if they want us to we can
PooPsHoOt893 (11:59:45 PM): cuz we are a bunch of kids-they may just think we are trying to get money
Biga5872 (11:59:48 PM): yea but it would look good for them
Howl571 (11:59:49 PM): we cud contact the places first and see if we need to do all that
Biga5872 (11:59:52 PM): exactly
Biga5872 (12:00:04 AM): we are an ‘organization’
PooPsHoOt893 (12:00:06 AM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (12:00:12 AM): your right
Howl571 (12:00:58 AM): but once we get that settled we can go ahead and arrange our actual presentations
Biga5872 (12:01:09 AM): ya
PooPsHoOt893 (12:01:09 AM): ya
Howl571 (12:01:19 AM): see who can be there and set up a promotion ecdu movie or sumthin
Howl571 (12:01:30 AM): *promotional
Radar777777 (12:01:33 AM): companys will give more if you are a non-profit organization, since they can write it off on thier taxes
PooPsHoOt893 (12:01:42 AM): hehe i like ur thinking
Howl571 (12:01:47 AM): how gracious of them lol
PooPsHoOt893 (12:01:52 AM): lol
Radar777777 (12:01:54 AM): yup
Howl571 (12:02:52 AM): tomorrow we’ll try to see how much we need and find out more about where ppl are in relation to the companies we are looking at
Biga5872 (12:03:00 AM): gentlemen lets start a business
Biga5872 (12:03:24 AM): that is what its going to be
PooPsHoOt893 (12:03:40 AM): yup
Biga5872 (12:03:42 AM): we are gonna need logo’s mottos sponsors
Howl571 (12:03:55 AM): ya
Biga5872 (12:03:56 AM): promo stuff
PooPsHoOt893 (12:04:29 AM): ya
Howl571 (12:04:35 AM): i guess we covered the timeline
Biga5872 (12:04:56 AM): I say first things first we find out who will be employed under ecdu
Howl571 (12:06:00 AM): i think we shud leave it here 4 tonite - we need more ppl for this type of thing
Specialagentjim (12:06:27 AM): my brain’s fried, sorry
PooPsHoOt893 (12:06:30 AM): lol
PooPsHoOt893 (12:06:31 AM): ditto
PooPsHoOt893 (12:06:39 AM): ive been on to the end of the chats all 3 nites
PooPsHoOt893 (12:06:44 AM): and i have class at 8 every morn
PooPsHoOt893 (12:06:53 AM): so im like braindead
PooPsHoOt893 (12:07:31 AM): ok-i posted the to do list
PooPsHoOt893 (12:07:49 AM): and when i post the chat transcript-we have wahtever esle we need

what did you want me to do?

Well, i just used u as an example for now-first person from FL that came to mind. But if we want to go after Alienware as a sponsor-we need a person to be able to contact them there.