[ECDU]:drive train

What is your drive train?
What is the best or just your favorite drive train in your first knowledge?

Also if you can’t give out your secret drive train then just say what it can do like 2 speed switch on a fly. On the other hand you can tell what motors you us for it.

Well our drive train is Tank-i think a 4-1 gear ratio-1 speed-2 cims 2 drills-6 wheels.
We are pretty fast at around 14 FPS and our torque was more then the machine at IRI could track, so we are pretty darn strong.

My fav drive train is Omni-its just amazing-but soo hard to perfect. Wildstang last year was just insane with what they could do. Had soo much power and speed-i wouldve never thought theyd be able to have both with omni.
But i prefer a simple tank drive because it can have the best combo of speed and power.

Tank turning 4 wheel drive using the chips chain driven.

our team’s driver train was two drills connected to the wheels with chains. we got push around but not to much.

and my favorite drive train is team 237 they had a nice compacted drive train that was ran by Atwood.

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