[ECDU]: How involved in the build are you?

Are you there every night? Or do other students build it for you and you take it from them for the competitions?

My team has a small handful of really dedicated students, and almost all of the major builders are on a drive team. We pulled an all-nighter the day before ship (school the next day didn’t go so well), but we were happy to take one for the team.

With me being the student leader of the team I kinda have to be there every night driving the robot is just a bonus. I am responsible for keeping all of the subteams on task and help out with any major projects for the robot. or help with any thing thats need to be done

I tell ya. This is my third and final year on the team. I am the official team captain and myself and two other kids are known as the godfathers of the team bc we are the only third years. We have all been really involved this year. But I have worked on nights when we didnt meet nights when its me and one other engineers working to get this part finished. It makes seeing the robot at the end all the more sweeter. But I am probably the most dedicated and involved member on the team.

Very much involved. I was after school til we left everyday for the whole 6 weeks. Just one weekend however i had a Model UN trip, and couldnt do anything. The last few days though, we had presidents day weekend vacation-4 days off-and all we did was practice. We racked up about 70 hours of driving in the past 4/5 days.

Every meeting that i wasn’t working (although i usually came by after work) i was there. Even skipped a “team business meeting” for build ( i had permission!)
I think it’s important for drivers to at least know how their bot goes together, if not have put it together themselves

I am the official design and build captain. I was there everyday after school and even durring school (some of my teachers will let me out to work on the bot). The driving part was just something that the coach found out I was good at a few years ago.

i guess i do some work not all of it. i try to learn some new things every year. but i did make the whole robot in inventor. so i feel like know how my robot works.

All the time.
Unless I had work or it was a thursday (skiing)