[ECDU]: ideas on your coach

How is your coach that is inside the box with you during a match are that yelling their heads off or just clam as can be and letting you pick what you want to do?

I wasn’t there when this happened but a few years ago our drivers decided that they did not want a coach yelling at them while they were driving, so ever since we have had another student be the mentor. He/she helps the human player in this year’s game and watches the clock to tell the drivers when time is running out so they can cap or something.

Our Coach, Shaun is usually a cool guy with a lot of experience and talent for the drive team. He is very calm and lets us play the game, but gives us instructions before the match. He is a very able coach…

We have two different driver coaches. First our lead mentor, he will come and be the coach during a big match like a finals or a match to get into the finals. Our second strategic coach will fill in for the rest of the matches. For the most part the coach tells us what he wants us to do and i will relay that to the main driver. When we go into the match we already have a game plan, and for the most part we stick to it. Unless something happens to the plan.

Most of the time the coaches are calm, until I or the main driver screws up. lol

for my coach during the season we have our engineer big mike that is a wonder coach and has some of the best ideas, but even though he yell i have gotten to know that i am in good hand of what to do.

In Chesapeake we going to win anyway with a big ball in our hands and he says cap there mobile goal and get more point then just beating them. So we can their mobile goal and the crowd went crazy thinking why are they capping the other mobile goal but we won the match and still got more point.

But during the off season the coach is the people that want to coach.

This season it was different every competition. At NJ, it was our main engineer Mike Lubnewski, to help the arm manipulators learn waht to do. At Annapolis it was Shaun, who is an amazing coach. Comes up with the best or 2nd best strategies aruond. He almost never yells unless you are doing something insanely stupid. Then at Nationals it was a student, Keith Chester, he also comes up with some $@#$@#$@#$@# good strategies. But next year though, it will most likely be a friend on the team whose out there to coach.

we have also gone with the student coach. I think it is much calmer and more organized that way. Our real mentor likes to look at it like a sports game. The coach calls the play in from the sideline then it is all up to the field team to figure out how to execute and a specific plan. This has definitely worked out in the past two years i have been the main driver. I like it this way and plan on keeping it for my final year on 364. I remember one team on newton field this year where the mentor was like yelling and screaming in the faces of the drivers. It was very not cool I know I probably could not have handled that on top of the hopes and dreams of the rest of the team with hundreds watching.

They call our coach on team 384, “Chainsaw” need i say more?

No, you don’t but very nice.

I’m our team’s coach in the offseason. During the season our drive team’s coach was ryan he was a senior and i was his right hand man doing the scouting. Our advisors would tell us some of their ideas and what they thought we should do out on the floor. It usually came down to listening to what they said then Ryan and I would go away from the team so we didn’t have everybody on our team asking us what we’re going to do while we we’re still decideing what to do. Ultimately it was ryan’s deceision on what the drive team did. Both of us as the coach we sort of were the leaders both on the floor and in the pit… on the floor we stayed relaxed up until autonmous mode ended, we were both calm but we made the calls on what to do without trying to yell too much. We’re just lucky to have a team that when he was the coach the drive team listened to him and when i was the coach the listened to me. The one thing that our team decided was that we needed a coach that had authority to tell people what to do, and really question the coach’s decisions, but we needed a coach who didn’t abuse that and act like they were god. It worked out really well for us this past season.

It also helped that ryan and i were both very similar in our ideas and our thinking so the team was able to handel haveing the coaches change between practice and regionals, then a new coach (me) come in during the offseason, so communication was really good with us.