[ECDU]: Meeting at Nationals

Alright guys and girls! Here we are two weeks from the Atlanta. Its time to start getting some stuff together. I start this thread in hopes that we can have a giant get together (sort of like the web hug) for all the ecdu members. I say we pick a day and a spot to meet up and lets get an official button design down. We will be making more buttons for nationals this year and it would be nice if I could make some special ones for the ECDU.

nice idea hope it works.

I thought about this myself. I was thinking we could have a meeting, then realized, for the most part, all of us will be very busy, and not have time to set anything up. It would have to be after competition on one of the 3 days. One day is out because of the team party. So I am thinking thursday is the best chance, because we will be able to make friends before the competition gets rough, and hopefully not hold grudges.

could we do it right after/before the “Delphi web hug” or something, we can hold the meeting near where the web hug is, so if anyone is going to the hug they can come to the ECDU meeting to… We could do it during the team party if there is a chance(i wouldnt know cause its my first championship event :smiley: ).

About buttons, i can try and have someone artistic on our team make one. Maybe Sara AKA Bandchick, she helped out with our team buttons.

I was thinkign that myself. Like right after the webhug we could have a meeting, because it is during Lunch and that is the only break we will get.

As for button designs, didn’t we decide on the button design awhile ago?

For meeting up…Thursday after practice rounds? Since the webhug is during lunch and people will have matches all day, maybe after when everyone can make it? Or is that a problem cuz students need mentors to stay/will be holding up the whole team??

A time, before saturday (friday maybe too) when there are no matches…and isn’t largely inconvient?

just some thoughts

What about on thursday right after the driver’s meeting?

OK well if someone gets a good button design within the next week and sends it to me, my team will be making buttons for nats and I will go ahead and by the extra materials for 50 or 100 extra buttons. This just so we can have something special. I would like to have the meeting on Thursday if possible that way we can hand out the buttons for competition and discuss strategy and just talk while we are still semi-relaxed and not too stressed out. Maybe after practice rounds or at lunch. Lets get this together even if its casual, lets make this happen.

I’ve talked with Corey and I’m going to talk with my advisor as well, but 25 and 1089 can probably ALSO help in with button-making. I know I’m not part of the ECDU, but, like Shaivya said, I did help make the buttons for our team this year. I think your proposed meeting time is a good one. Definitely lunchtime, since that seems to be the most ‘unstructured’ part of the day.

Anyway, like I said, I spoke with Corey and he forwarded me the image Coco had made for the button. I took that and edited it a bit, and came up with a final image. The white circle is just to show you what would be on the face of the button. All constructive criticism and anything you want fixed/changed/edited is completely welcome and expected. After all, you guys are the ECDU, you have to like it.

Anyway, here you are. I only take credit for putting it all together, the image design, quote, and gradient background are all Coco’s.


Maybe you can add “Member of” before you say east coast drivers union.
And the picture of the east coast is kid of weird, maybe you
should color that like the rest of the button.

Okay, here’s the second version with an added gradient to the east coast image. Corey and Shaivya seem to like that better, so I guess, print up that one.

1089 is going to print up 10 (because that’s all that Gregory will let us), and 25 is going to print up some. Talk to Corey about that more specifically. Here’s the final logo.
See you at nationals!


I like the idea of meeting before or after the drivers’ meeting. There isn’t much to do but walk around before the practice matches start anyway.

How about having Brandon Martus put up a Text Message reminder for when we decide the meeting? he did it for RCU and NEMOs get together.

Is extra help needed on making buttons? do we by any chance also have shirts we can purchase or anyone make anything like that?

On a side note… I haven’t been keeping up well, when did our motto change? i was thinking it ended with “and robots in danger” or something similar.

Thanks for organizing this. Cant wait to meet you all.

So do we have an official meeting time? After the webhug sounds good to me…like 1245?

Where specifically?

Ill make a poll on the meeting time. And i think we stuck with the other motto because it was more PC(i hate to say.but i think that was it).

I printed out i think 110ish buttons, i just need to make them. 1089 seems to be hogging our button maker. But if you would like to make some more, please do.