[ECDU]: more people from different teams

we are doing great and we have idea for a website motto and logo coming along nicely but we still need more people for this union.

all of you drivers now in the union so far start to find new drivers from your state or find someone that can contact them to start on this wonder union we have going. so team i want to see in this union for me to get to know is 175= buzz, 176=aces high, 75, 1126 and other i don’t remember right now. so start getting more drivers.

Theres a ton of BIG teams still not in, most of Mass, NH, NJ and FL are still barely here. Whenever there is a team event, just start asking whose the drive team and find out who wants to join.

Maybe at these events we can give out info cards to the drivers telling them about the ECDU and if they are interested where they can join.

Thats a good idea.

We can also just spread it by word of mouth, whenever you go out on a field talk to your teammates, after your strategy talk about it. And if you have time, tell your opponents too lol.

this also helps with teams talking to each other.