[ECDU]:old robots

what is your favorite old robot on your team and the reasons?

My favorite robot is the 2003 robot, first one I helped build and the second robot for my team. It’s name was B.O.B which stood for Battery Operated Bee. This thing was a tank. It was originally meant to pick up and stack boxes on the game stack attack, but the arms made us top heavy and we took them off two matches into the season. we removed the arms and put extra weight in the back so we were not top heavy. So here stood a 5ft tall robot 3ft wide and 3.5ft long, and its whole purpose was to knock down stacks defend and of course king of the hill. If we got on the platform on top of the ramp and turned sideways almost no one could push us off. We also had the highest score at Chesapeake, and won the award leadership in control for our programing that got the robot knocking down the pyramid of boxes very quickly and accurately.

B.O.B is now used to train newbie drivers and does presentations to companies and middle school students, and this year B.O.B helped us try out some prototypes for this years game.

A great robot and simply my favorite.

2000 years robot is my idea of a great robot. from our team. the robot’s drive train was not the best but so smooth just nothing better to drive then that beast. no power just so smooth i can’t think about it anymore just makes me want to drive the robot. and i leave you with that.

Rookie team, so no old robots… but hey, check out my suggestion on the old “what to do with old robots” thread

My favorite old robot is now the 2004 one. It is my creation. I was in charge of the design team and did most of the planning, drafting, building, and driving. I am very proud of Sparky 5.