[ECDU]:one or two

someone has posted about one stick or two sticks for driving i and thought i put it in this thread and see what you drivers think about it.

Put your info about single stick or two sticks or what you use or what your team gives you.

It all depends on the robot. For example if the robot has tank turning then i would want two. For me it is much easier. But for the arm that i controlled last year i used one. Up and down, open and close

This yeat we used two sticks for driving the base, and I used two for using the arm. Our orginal roboti design called for the use of the two joysticks but that design was scrapped for weight. We never had time to switch over to just one.

Next year will all depend on the design of the robot.

We have always used 2 Joysticks and have found it to work very efficiently, we get drivers who can handle 2 Joystick. With our kinda robots 2 Joysticks work best, mainly because it gives better control.

We’ve always used one stick for the base… I prefer it, but I would like to experience a two stick system once just to get the feel in an open room or something.

Operator set-up usually contained one stick, and a button box containing an apporopriate set up for the years game.

Definitely 2. Gives more control. Maybe if it was an omni-drive I would use one but for a tank setup two makes the most sense.

2 hands down.

i guess those hand have joysticks in them.

I was driving Evil Machine v1 the other day, it was some fun. That machine would be uncontrollable with 1 Joystick. 2 Joysticks work best. It’s not really hard to control. One good reason I can think of using 2 joysticks is that if you have 2 motors on each side, and one burns out on one side, then 2 joysticks give you very good control. That has happen to us every season, and 2 joysticks have been very useful. I opt for 2 joysticks

i see your point, i have to see if i can get two joysticks next year or try it out and see what the big thing about two sticks.

You can try it out on your this years robot itself, just connect one more joystick and change the programming a lil bit… all the programming says is joystick=pwm . thats all… for both drives

one, i don’t know how to program and i don’t want to mess with that program i don’t want my engineer mad at me for the robot not working.

but, can i drive your robot please i won’t pop the treads?



wow did not have to hurt my feelings like that. tear tear.

fine why would i want to drive a robot like yours. it was so close to winning NJ but opppps no did not sorry.

question: does the number of joysticks either one or two count on the drive train you have on the robot?

i see if your drive train is weak then one stick is better but if you have a powerful drive train then two joysticks are your best bet.

i am seeing if i can get two sticks this year. i am a little worried about it but i have to see what will happen.