[ECDU]: Scouting

I’m just wondering if ECDU plans on doing anything with scouting, like a central database online or something…

Just looking at the list of teams with 11, 25, 173, 179, 222, 237, 1071 (sorry if i forgot a really reallly good team) all have realistic hopes at winning the championship… We orginially had the idea for our team to talk to 173, 175, 237 (teams within a short drive who we are or would like to be in good standing with, and competed at different places than just UTC) and our alliance partners at UTC , but I figure if ECDU as a whole shares information it helps out the whole union on a bigger scale as far as the amount of teams scouted at regionals.

I’m not so sure if it’s a great idea because with so many scouts compareing robots to what their team wants/needs or even just what my opinion is on one team somebody else could argue it, but I just like throwing ideas around.