[ECDU]: Sponsor ideas

Well, if we do get a corporate sponsor,which is still in the developmental stages, what should we do with the money.

First off i think 1000 to 1500 should be set immedeately aside for our use for pins, shirts, or other things that we give to each member. Next i think we should hold on to money for say a scholarship award.

I thought of 2 things to give scholarships for;

One is best driver of the year, we can have it chosen by a panel or just come up with a statistic. We also could have runnerup and hon mentions.

2nd i think is a chairman’s type award, that is given to the person who has done the most to promote GP or something of the sort.

After those are covered-if we even get that much money…We could do ECDU handouts to non-ecdu members to help promote GP and the establishment of more drivers unions.

We thought of a good place to go after in the chat last nite.

Alienware-they are based in Miami, one of the few east coast, so off the bat, it kind of goes above others.

So, when we get a plan done, we are gonna need some help from u guys in FL.

Alienware would be nice. instead of a money giving away you could give a computer that would be used for college or someother thing.

any little bit helps alot in college.

United Technologies, General Eletric, Johnson & Johnson would be good to get after. UTC and GE are both bases in Connecticut and I believe UTC is major in Flordia too (Pratt has a plant in Ft. Lauderdale and somewhere in GA too) UTC is a major east coast company. I think i saw a lot of new england teams here on the union and I’m assumeing all or most of us will be competeing at UTC New England next year. I think a good idea would to find out what major corporations have their headquarters near our teams. In ct alone we have UTC, GE, Stanley Tools, and Phyzer. Then we should go and check out DECA, SkillsUSA, and other organizations and see who their corprate sponsors are and try and talk to their sponsors about helping us. One thing in genral about ECDU right now is that I think we’re kind of unorgainzed (maybe we’re not I really haven’t been active yet) I think we need to get some subcommitees if we don’t have them yet.

Well, it just depends. They already sponsor a regional, so will they want to sponsor another part of Robotix? We really wanna stick with something not involved with robotix already, that way they have motivation to sign on with us.

And yes-we still are slightly unorganized, but its still summer, not many people are around to get it done properly. But subcommitees and all will get done.