[ECDU]: Start posting

If you have any ideas or suggestions or comments or just wanna talk about anything really start to post it so we can start some discussions.

yes, sir. right away :smiley:

i can’t be in the union (unless boodah gives me his job), but i still have some suggestions.

first, in your signatures you all have about the ECDU, but there is no link. you should have a link to this sub-forum in your signature (look at my sig with the FVG)

you should have a link to some sort of mission statement in your signatures also

you should have some sort of website/chatroom/etc

Good call, with the sigs.

And if u want my job-u could always win it away from me. Im partial to texas hold’em, or you could just wait till the tryouts.

Mike where have you been…haven’t seen you online at all lately…

Where do we go for the chats? And as a member what do i need to do to help out??

Well, to start helping, just start posting ideas and giving opinions on the threads that are here. For the chats, we will hold em on aim every time there is a bunch of people on. like last nite we started at 9 and went to 12.

o ya-start trying to recruit any drivers u know from other east coast teams. we still are a small orgnaization, compared to the amount we could have.

I just got AIM and added as many people as i could.