[ECDU]: what is going through your head

during a match or even before what is going on in your head? is there i am going to win. or just stick to your game plan or just some other idea. what is going on in your head? just want to know

I basically have a ruff idea of strategy, because i know itll change. I basically blank out during the match too, its kind of weird, i get into a zone-and only pay attn to the field-i dont hear anything(well just my coach or alliance partners). I also play songs in my head too-fun stuff.

that is weird i do that same thing. i just blank out and drive. i just don’t think it just comes to me. i hear the coach and see the field. bad thing is i don’t remember most of my matches.

Same goes for me. I think most drivers go through the same thing.

Before the match I usually have the control board ready to be hooked up, so as operator last year I just go through the first 5 or 10 seconds of what we always do: arm out, wrist forwards, jaws open, grab ball…and I just move the joystick and picture it in my mind. During the match I just listen to the main driver regarding what I need to do, such as preparing to cap, gathering small balls, etc. I’ve only operated in one event during eliminations, so I was a little nervous, but other than that I am pretty calm before a match.

Same here, except during a match since I dont have to concentrate on the robot every blessed second, I keep a watch on the time and score, but thats only if I am absolutely sure I dont have to look at the robot for 2 secs. Then, I also make sure I have my hands right on the arm controller(it can get extremely confusing if you lose concentration, and since we use pots, the controls are a little tiny bit different every match). Just like Corey, I usually enjoy whatever music is playing or sing to myself to keep myself calm. The heat on the field can get you out of control ya know…

Ya right b-rat. All you think when your out on the field…Corey dont screw up-Corey dont screw up-Corey dont screw up-Do these safety glasses make my head look fat-Corey dont screw up. hehehe.

Seriously though-i am just soo focused at the task on hand, everything else is just a blur.

The driver, mentor, human player and co driver all know what we have to do, we know what are alliance has to do. and we try to give all we have and all our robot has to accomplish our goal. What is going through my head? Everything, the strategy we planned out earlier the opponents strategy and what to do if something happens. then after the match if we win we think of what we done right, and if we lose we think of what we did wrong.

When I’m out there the only things I hear are the voices of my coach, human player, and driver. Other than that I make sure I’m position to perform any maneuver necessary. I also try and look at the clock once in a while so that I can relay it jimmy.

One thing for me is when i am driving and i move right and the robot does not move right i feel that i did not do the right motion. so i move the joystick the other way. and doing this i get confused for a few second but then gain control and i go on with the rest of the match. but i dislike when that happenes. this only happenes once or twice in a match. when i am bring the goal back and grabbing the big ball.

if it was not for the music they play i would not be clam and relax. that music is a god sent for me. i really don’t care what music as long as it has a nice beat. could be rap and rock does not matter.

That is very true for me also. The music really does get to ya. Really soothing. :slight_smile:

Just before a match our box team (2 drivers, coach & human player) usually hang out together, we go over the information provided by our scouting team, take a brief overlook of what their strategies mgith be and what game plane we are going to execute after that we know what part each of us has to do, we always try to cheer each other on and stay calm and not to think too much about how big the match is.