[ECDU]: Your Contact Info.

Hi guys,
In efforts to organize things better, I will need contact info. of all ECDU members. Organization first, so please follow the format I put it in:

Name: Bharat Nain
Team: 25
Role: Arm driver
State: New Jersey(NJ)
SN: TeknoBramha
E-mail: bharatnain at gmail dot com

Note that I did not put my email ID in @gmail.com format, I highly suggest you follow the format I did it in, unless you like junk mails :).

To make life easier for you, Copy, Paste and fill in:


Name: Anthony R.
Team: 56 RoBBE Xtreme
Role: Driver, One of the 3 leaders for ECDU
State: NJ
SN: t0ny127
E-Mail: t0ny127@yahoo.com (i dont care about junk mail lol)

Name: Corey Balint
Team: 25-Raider Robotix
Role: Driver-obviously? well base driver to be exact. One of the leaders of ECDU
State: NJ
SN: poopshoot893 or nistelward10
E-Mail: poopshoot893@aol.com

Name: Matt Kaplan
Team: 108- SigmaC@Ts
Role: Arm Driver
State: FL
SN: linkinman8
E-Mail: missionblue99 [at] bellsouth.net

Name: Vishal Ramani (im cool with junk mail! lol)
Team: 25
Role: Human Player
State: New Jersey(NJ)
SN: mcgradyfan24h7
E-mail: cyborgvr@yahoo.com

Name: Ryan Foley
Team: 350
Role: Driver (Alumni)
State: NH
E-Mail: FOLEYMAN327@aol.com

Name: Patrick Fagan
Team: 121
Role: Student / 2004 HP / 2004 offseason driver
State: Rhode Island
SN: hardcore2xtremes
E-Mail: Heretic121@gmail.com

Name:Tom Bigelow
Team:263 Sachem Aftershock
Role: Driver
SN: Computhief263
E-Mail: Computhief at yahoo.com

Name: Scott Shaw
Team: 237
Role: Main Base Driver
State: Connecticut
S/N: DaleJrFan185
E-Mail: scott185@optonline.net

Name: Ashley Weed
Team: 84
Role: Operator ~ Retired
State: PA
SN: robochick84
E-Mail: ashleyweed [at] gmail.com

Name: Lisa Rodriguez

Team :173

Role: Arm Driver
State: Connecticut
sn: idk69875
email: fuzzyhippo8@hotmaill.com

Name: Jeff Rodriguez ‘Ogre’
Team: 173
Role: Former Arm Driver
State: CT
SN: ogrerocks
E-Mail: jeff.rodriguez@gmail.com

Name: Jess Jankowitsch
Team: 103
Role: Temporary Contact (NOT A DRIVER - drivers yet to be determined)
State: PA
SN: jankkiddo103
E-Mail: acissej1209@hotmail.com

Name: Vincent ‘Coco’ Moore
Team: 365 Alumni
Role: 2003 Arm Driver, 2004 Cassis Driver
E-Mail:Oreofetch@aol.com, oreofetch@hotmail.com

Name: Pat Roche
Role: '01-'02 hp, 2003 arm operator, 2004 driver/operator
State:NH soon to be NY
Email:pbjroche@comcast.net (junk mail is more mail then im gettin now :wink: )

Name:Michael Leicht
Role:co pilot 2004 season, driver, off season not sure of next year (wishing)
SN: punkrawker718
E-Mail: punkrawker718@yahoo.com

Name: Yan Wang
Team: 639 (Code Red Robotics)
Role: Head Driver
State: NY
SN: monsieurcoffee
E-Mail: ywang22 AT gmail DOT com

I never officially joined ECDU but if it’s not too late I would like in…

Name: Steve Howland
Team: 571 (Paragon)
Role: Arm Operator (offseason 2004, hopefully more in 2005)
State: CT
SN: Howl571
E-Mail: diobsidian at yahoo dot com

Of course its not to late. Itll never be late.

there is never a dead line on when you can join the union. so keep the drivers coming.