Eclipse C++ not accessing WPILib

Our team recently decided to transfer to C++ from Java and transfer to Eclipse, so we do not have the WPILib fully installed. We have tried searching and we have gone to screenstepslive, but we haven’t found anything which seems to let us use the library. At present, we are unable to use things like “=new Joystick”, “=new Command”, and such, with the last word throwing an error. :confused: We are running Windows computers, if it is significant. Three (or possibly one, depending on how sub-questions work) questions:

  1. Are we warranted in our belief that WPILib is likely not fully downloaded and/or not working?
    T–>1a) If so, where should we go to successfully download it or find steps on how to make it work?
    F–>1b) If not, what is the most likely culprit? Can you provide some tips on solving it?

Thank you for helping! if you follow this link itll take you to the wpilib screensteps, Under setting up the development environment you should find everything you need