Eclipse for nonbeta-limited experience teams?

Our team aquired a new mentor who is fluent in C++. Therfore, we will be switching to C++ for the 2015 season. We are currently learning C++ for FRC using WindRiver and RobotBuilder. We would like to be learning in the same enviroment that we will be using in the 2015 competition season (Eclipse). Can nonbeta teams use Eclipse without to much hassle? Is there any documentation on using Eclipse in an FRC application yet?

Some teams have used eclipse through work-arounds on the C-RIO. Being a beta tester myself, I can tell you that programming using eclipse is very similar and you shouldn’t have a problem is you’ve learned using windriver.

We have been using WindRiver for the last 2 years with C++ and wanted to move to using the CRIO with Eclipse in the fall for practicing for the Robot build season.

Does anyone have instructions for setting up Eclipse for programming the CRIO? I have Eclipse set up for C++ for PC as a target, but not sure how to configure the CRIO as a target for the code.

Do the instructions for this year’s beta include instructions for configuring Eclipse for a CRIO target?

Our team is not a beta team for the RoboRio but I’m willing to bet the beta instructions do not address the CRIO at all. The beta is focused entirely on the RoboRio and FIRST is completely dropping support for the CRIO in 2015.

I started a thread about how to continue use of CRIOs into 2015 and the prospects don’t look good. There are some community efforts at alternatives to WindRiver. See this thread for more info -