Eclipse Having Trouble Updating Plugins (2020)

When our team was trying to update everything for this year’s competition, we were unable to deploy our program to the roboRIO. Every time we would deploy we get the error message

Allowed image year: 2018 version: 16,17.
Actual image year: 2020 version: 10.
RoboRIO needs to be re-imaged or plugins updated.

and as far as my googling has taken me, this is due to eclipse plugins needing to be updated. When I click Help>Check For Updates it says everything is up to date and then gives an error with a link leading to a website with eclipse file folders (I do not have the link at the moment). We’ve tried pretty much everything at this point and have no idea what to do.

Eclipse got phased out last year. I’d suggest taking a look through here and familiarizing yourself with the 2020 release of wpilib.

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