Eclipse Help

There is a problem on our eclipse where our coding on the package explorer cannot be found. However the robot is still working (driver station is connected to a robot code that we used before this error occurred). How do we retrace and find all the original coding?

We’re going to need more details in order to help you effectively. While it is possible to get the compiled code off of your RIO, it is probably easier to find it on your computer.

You could use Windows Explorer to go to your Eclipse workspace folder and see if your source files are still there. If it’s just a problem with Eclipse, they should be. Your source files are just normal text files with a “.java” suffix.
If you’re not sure where your workspace folder is, just do a system-wide search for
If you find them, you could create a new project and copy them into it. Or, worst case, just open them and copy and paste the code into new project files.

Agreed it’s easier to find on the computer, but it’s worth noting for Java that both the source code and compiled class files are copied to the RIO. In an emergency, you can copy the FRC_UserProgram.jar file back off the RIO, rename it from .jar to .zip, and copy the source files out.

That’s great to know! Thanks.