Eclipse in 2013?

Our team has had success in the past working with the “experimental” eclipse plugin for Java. Due to the enormous amount of familiarity with eclipse within the team, it would be ideal if we could use it in 2013. I remember that last year the eclipse plugins came out on an extremely delayed schedule compared to their NetBeans counterparts. Does anybody know if there is even a plan to support eclipse at all in 2013? And, if so, will the plugin release schedule be a little more similar this year?

How did you install the plugins for Eclipse? I’ve tried the link below, but the update site listed reports a 404.

IIRC those plugins are no longer kept updated

If you really like Eclipse, consider making the jump to C++. Windriver Workbench is an Eclipse-based IDE.

I started out with java in eclipse and didn’t have any trouble moving to netbeans
i would do a little playing with netbeans in the offseason and see how it works

Netbeans is easily just as good or better than eclipse. There are situations where eclipse is preferable (eg. android dev.), but for FRC, I would spare yourself the trouble and use Netbeans.

Thanks for the replies. From what it looks like, I could either set up eclipse myself to guarantee support durring the season, or I could just switch to netbeans. I’ll think we’ll be doing the latter.

For those of you that were/are still wondering where to get the eclipse plugins from last year, WPILib’s update site says that they were last updated this last january, about a year ago.

I think that the later also would be the best choice