Eclipse Java Deploy Issues

Hey there, having issues getting our code from the last season working again. We coded using Java on Eclipse Mars, all worked well. Only issue is it’s been since April that we got to test and now trying again, we are unable to run the code as Java Deploy. We get Ant Build (which doesn’t work with it and feeds back unable to run) and when copying the code into a new source file, we access run java deploy but lose our package sources so the entire code reads back with many many bugs. Has anyone else had this issue? Also somewhat related but a question I’ve been trying to consider since starting to deal with this issue, is there a better alternative to Eclipse?

Is there any console output or error messages when you try to deploy?
Try creating a new project (File > New > Other… > Example Robot Java Project > Choose one of the example projects) and see if that deploys.

When put into a new file, I get a sunspot package error output. When in the same file it simply doesn’t give a run option so no output can happen.

Screenshots or the text of error messages would be helpful.