Eclipse Not Working

How do you get Eclipse to make binaries? I followed the instructions on the turtorial to make a hello world project and run it. It did not run, because no binaries were made. I’m using Eclipse Oxygen.

Which language are you using? Have you installed the WPILib plugins? It seems like you are just using the Eclipse tutorial, when you probably want to be using the FRC-specific one.

FRC Java guide:

FRC C++ guide:

Let us know if you have any questions.

I am using C++. Binaries are formed when Making a program for a robot, but I have no way to test code that is not FRC specific. I am trying to get used to opencv, but can’t run any programs that aren’t for robots. I also don’t have a robot to test it on at all times and the simulator doesn’t work on my computer.

I still don’t understand however why the hello world project doesn’t work.
I would also like to know a good compiler to use. I already had already Cross GCC somehow, but I also have MinGW GCC, Cygwin GCC, Linux GCC, MacOSX GCC, and Solaris GCC. However, I only remember downloading MinGW.