Eclipse Plugin Source

Anyone know where I can get the source for the Eclipse FIRST plugins (ie the MCC toolchain and error parser plugins)? They’re being annoying for me, and working in some versions of Eclipse and not others, and I want to see if I can make them work properly.

I don’t know much about Eclipse plugins, but the mcc18 plugin I’ve used is simply a jar file (which is actually a zip archive). If you extract that, you should have all of the source. It’s an XML file and some package meta-info.
The version on Astronouth7303’s site is also a jar file, and should be similar. (2.86 KB) (2.86 KB)

I got a hold of the plugins and cleaned them up a bit. You can download my versions through the update manager. More info:

If you want a copy of the sources just PM or email me and I will send them over.