Eclipse with CDT

Hi all,

Well, I browsed thru 1 of the threads on this forums which says “using eclipse”, but culdn’t really find answer to what i wanted.

I want to know how it is possible to use ‘nmake’ with managed make project in eclipse. I tried setting Project -> Properties -> C/C++ build -> Build setting ->build command = nmake.exe (with full path).
I have the same path set in my PATH variable also.

But, when I rebuild the project,it is not able to parse the makefile. Doesn’t seem to recognize ‘=’ in ROOT := …

Also, for compilation, I am using Visual Studio.NET2003, cl.exe and for linking link.exe, which i configure here, Project -> Properties -> C/C++ build -> Tool setting.

Everything works fine when I use, MinGW, but I have a client who wants to make use of Visual Studio compiler, I wonder if it is possible thru eclipse.

Any guidance would highly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

The using eclipse thread is specifically about using eclipse for programming the FIRST Robotics Controller. This doesn’t really belong in this forum, but to answer your question, I believe that you would need to write your own makefile generator, because the makefile generator included in the CDT is only supposed to work with GNU make or its equivalents.

Thanks a lot for your reply,

I had read somewhere that you can use a different compiler with standard make projects, in which you specify your own make file or else, as per your answer, I would have to write a makefile generator in order to use managed make project. I am not sure how long it would take to write a make file generator…any idea…or wulld it be better to specify my own make file to use Visual Studio compiler… :confused:
The only reason for al this confusion is I dunno anything about make file, so it would have been better if it could get generated automatically… :slight_smile:

Again thanks,