Editing camera settings while using the WPILib Rasp Pi image

Our team is using a Raspberry PI along with a Microsoft USB Cam(the one that comes in the KOP) to track the retro-reflective tapes. We are using the Pi image provided us to by WPILib and a python script (taken mostly from the sample code given). I haven’t figured out a way to adjust the exposure of our camera. Here is a snippet of the python code which we have deployed on the RPI.

Could anyone guide us on how we can change the exposure of the camera?

#Start camera
print("Connecting to camera")
cs = CameraServer.getInstance()
Camera = UsbCamera('Cam 0', 0)


CvSink = cs.getVideo()

outputStream = cs.putVideo("Processed Frames", 160,120)

#buffer to store img data
img = np.zeros(shape=(160,120,3), dtype=np.uint8)
# loop forever
while True:

    GotFrame, img = CvSink.grabFrame(img)
    if GotFrame  == 0:
    img = TrackTheBall(img, SmartDashBoardValues)


Use the setExposureManual() method on the UsbCamera object. In your code, this would be something like Camera.setExposureManual(50).

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Thanks a lot. It did work