Editing in Labview

How do I edit the premade FRC Roborio 2017 project that came loaded in labview. More specifically, I am trying to add a compressor to it.

Just click and go.
There isn’t anything special about the project other than that someone already added a bunch of stuff for you.

The compressor should work without code automatically when the robot is enabled. If not make sure a pressure gauge stopper is plugged in properly because if there is not one it will not work. If you do want to code a start and stop search all palettes for “Compressor” and using the palette code it like a motor.

As Christopher says, distinct compressor code isn’t required, but you do have to declare at least one pneumatic solenoid in Begin.vi for the compressor to run. The act of creating the first solenoid also automatically creates a compressor.

From the start screen, click Tutorials on the left. Then click the top item in the list in the center and read what pops up. That’s all those tutorials right there. Should get you started.