Editing Logos

my team is putting black corrugated material (black cardboard) on our robot for decoration and then putting sponsor logos on that

I have taken the logos and made the white backgrounds transparent so I can make them have a black background however, one of the logos, specifically National Instrument’s has black text

Right now it is the blue eagle with black text saying National Instruments

Am I allowed to change teh black text to white and then put it on a black background?
Or is there a way to get a logo that can be used with a black background?

We want to avoid printing it with a white background and putting it on the black cardboard like we did last year, it didnt look that good


This isn’t something you should alter on your own. As a general rule, companies have brand standards that define how their logos are allowed to be used (what can it be placed on, font, size, spacing between words and graphic elements, border space between the logo other graphics, colors, etc…). Usually there is an official version of the logo for most uses, and a few alternate-colored versions for problematic backgrounds.

National Instruments appears to have a team that you can contact to find out what you are allowed to do. According to the page I linked, you need to email [email protected], and they’ll tell you what the rules are, and if it’s ok, they’ll give you the correct graphic to use.