Editing Picture Information?

There is an “Edit Information” link beside the “continue discussion” link for the picture I posted this morning. I’m guessing I should be able to edit the picture caption from there. But when I click on the link, all I see is a blank screen! (Same with my current “Who Am I” picture, except that there is no “continue discussion” link.)

Same for me. It’s been like that since I got on. Brandon?

A feature I haven’t ported over to vB3. I’ll work on it eventually …

I have image gallery searching almost done too. Just need to find time to do it.

Ok, I found some time and got the ‘Edit Information’ link working. You should be able to edit your picture info.

I also messed with the image gallery display and messed it all up. I’ll fix that tonight, as well as maybe get some kind of image searching in place. That may be a while down the road though.

Thanks, Brandon. I can sleep nights again, now that that missing closing quotation mark has been fixed. :wink: