Editing Posts

cuould someone please explain how to edit (my) posts?

is it time restricted? i dont see an Edit button.

i use firefox 1.0 on win xp.

There’s edit button at the bottom right of a post you can edit. However, there is a time limit (i’m not sure of the exact length, but it’s a few days or so). Also, editing is disabled completely in some fora, such as the Trivia/Games sub-forum.

Leav, you should see an “edit” button at the bottom of the post you wish to edit. Once you click that, you can edit the post, delete the post, and give a reason for editing or deleting the post, (if you want to). I believe there is a time limit for editing posts, though I’m not sure how long it is.

For example:


The first image is what your post should look like in a thread. You can see the “edit” button next to the “reply” button. Once you click “edit” you should see the second picture.

Here, you can see the “delete this message” window. The “edit post” window is where you edit the post itself – it looks just like the window in which the post was originally typed.

Hope this helps!

To add onto Katie’s Post, the time limit is 24 hours.