EDU Bot Kit?

What came in your EDUbot kit? All we got was the miniRC and software. No battery, radio, anything.

This is what we recieved also…

You just got the RC (or as I call it, the “upgrade kit”). The reasoning is that veteran teams should already have the erectors and batteries and stuff, so all you need is a new RC… Plus, since it is run on standard Radio Control hardware, you can go to your nearest hobby shop and pick up all the equipment needed to run it.
If you want the rest of the equipment you will have to go to IFI and order a EDU harware kit (you can buy almost anything seperate from everything else, so if you need a battery but not a charger or the metal without the RC, etc.)

Thankyou. Next year I will have to make sure that we order the entire kit because we never have before.