EDU Robots

could someone post a code for the edu robots to test the r/c. Please not the sample program.

hmmm is 870 also named Alpha Omega?

if you want something other than the default (sample) code

then what do you want the test code to do? what functions do you want it to preform?

the default code is pretty straightforward for testing out the EDU controller - each joystick (PWM) input maps to one of the PWM outputs, so you can put a servo on pwm1 and wiggle it with the joystick, move it to pwm2 and control it with a different joystick axis…

what other sort of test do you want?

In the programming white papers on this site there is a program that you can use to send commands to the EDUbot from a PC. Unzip the archive and run setup.exe to install the program. There will be a .hex file in the same folder where you tell the setup program to install the application. Download the .hex file to the RC using the IFI loader. Start the EDUController app, it will be available on the Start menu. Select the COM port you’re using and hit the “Open” button. The joysticks on the left-hand side map to the PWM_in inputs. The feedback bytes map to the PWM outputs. As you move the joysticks around you should see the PWM outputs change accordingly.

If you want to wait until tomorrow I’ll post an updated version sometime tonight. I added a byte of digital inputs and am working on a data logging/plotting function. I’ll include the VB source so you can do whatever you want with it. Eventually I want to add DirectX support to bind joysticks, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish tonight.