EDU won't power up.

Just started fooling around with our EDU bot.

I plug in a 7.2v battery and at that instant the Battery Power and fault status light emit a quick red flash.

Hit the power button… no go.

Any ideas? or should I just call innovation first.


Recharge the battery / Check the battery voltage

How long did you hold the power on button? You need to hold it down for a second or so to get it to start up…

You fried the on switch on the eduRobot by hooking up a power supply or something.
Solution: Hold power button on and then as you are holding it plug in the battery. Quick fix. We did it too. :slight_smile:

Ryan Waliany

If problem isn’t the holddown time of the power on button then

Check that there are no shorts from 7.2 or 5 v to gnd on any ports or IO.

The internal current sensor shuts off the EDU upon short detection.