Educational version of inventor, what is its limitations?

just recently i had sent a mentor of ours some parasolid files (.x_t and .x_b) and they would not open for him (he was supposed to use them to do some welding for us). Before now i didn’t care about the educational banner but I am wondering if this has something to do with the files not opening. So pretty much what im asking is what does the educational banner in all the part files made by an educational version of inventor do beyond tell if a part was made in the educational version of inventor or not? and would it cause the parasolid files not to open?


The educational version of inventor should have no effect on the files other than the watermark. I’ve exported in many different types of files and have had no issues. Maybe the file is corrupt?

i had sent him multiple copys made at multiple times so i hope they all weren’t corrupt

It should not cause a problem - something else is wrong. Can you attach an ipt and parasolid file created from that ipt here?

You might also try STEP (*.stp)

The educational version is fully functional - no different than the commercial version other than the license restriction.

thanks for the advice about the step file it got sent out and every thing is just fine. I wouldn’t want to place the file on chief delphi just yet because it was of our complete robot and the team doesn’t want exactly what we are doing getting out just yet.