EduPneumatics? Where?

I’m very sorry to have to ask this question when I have absolutely no base data (being as I haven’t even had a chance to see the EduBot Package), but so be it. I haven’t seen the new EduRC, nor have I seen the rest of the kit which is included in FIRST registration (however that works), but I am very interested in what anyone else might know about the pneumatics system (which is referenced various times throughout the documentation for the EduRC) which I assume is (somehow) included in the package deal. Also, I have spent a fair amout of time looking through InnovationFirst’s website, to no avail. Which is not to say that I’m sure it’s not there, I just have yet to find anything conclusive.

I am asking for any technical information anyone might have about the hardware associated with the EduPneumatics system, including (but not limited to) solenoid valves, actuators, pressurization system (pump, compressor, whatever you want to call it), and whatever else may be included. Pictures, in addition to written information, would be awesome, and very much appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance.

as far as we have been able to tell, there is not ‘edu pnuematics’ included in the Edu kit.

There was some confusion do to a reference on the EDU solonide output being used for ‘the pnuematics’

best we can figure, they mean the solonoide outputs can drive the pnumatic valves normally supplied with the competition robot kit.

so you could use the pnuematics from previous years robots, or this years (after the kickoff) with the edu bot, if you want to.

The solenoid valves used in past years require 12 VDC to operate. The EDU can only run at 7.2VDC. This means that you will NOT be able to connect the solenoids used in the past to the EDU robot controller.

This does suggest that perhaps the new solenoids for the “big 'bot” might work on 7.2 VDC, but I think it most likely that we will have an “EDU pneumatics addition kit” available in the future that will work with the EDU controller.

For those interested in playing with small pneumatics systems, you might try - they make a robot kit similar to the EDU which includes pneumatics (12 VDC).

-Mr. Van
Coach, 599

Oh. That simplifies things.

Thanks again.

Team 190 has put together an EduRobot pneumatics kit for use in the 2003 miniFIRST Competition. The kit contains two single action cylinders, two single action solenoids, a reservoir, hoses, valves, etc., and is charged with a bicycle pump. The kits ended up costing about $140 a piece from SMC.

Thanks, but I was only interested in anything that IFI would have provided.


Do you know the SMC (or other company) part numbers you used for these “kits”?

-Mr. Van
Coach, Team 599

does that system run off of the 7.2 volt edu bot battery? :confused:

pnuematics and educations I am in! :smiley:

aren’t the solenoid outs just 5v?

I was browsing the forums and came across this thread. I will wager a bet that we will finally see these “edu-pneumatics” in the upconing season. Lets see if my phophetic skizzles hold up.