Effect of Collaboration on Team Performance

While doing some unrelated research, I stumbled upon this paper in the Journal of Engineering Education by researchers from Purdue and Pitt. They followed FLL teams and quantified how much collaboration went on within the team, then found a significant correlation between the amount of collaboration and the teams’ scores in all categories. I wouldn’t say that I’m surprised by this finding, but the results are interesting nonetheless.

If anyone else is interested in reading the paper, I’m uploading it here. All credit goes to the researchers involved, I just thought it might be something the community would be interested in.


Hypothesis: Teamwork makes the dream work.
Conclusion: Yes

Awesome stuff, and very cool to see FIRST featured in university research!


Biggest takeaway is from Table 1: how do you quantify “effective collaboration”? I like this rubric as it realistically describes the spectrum of collaboration you might see in teams all the way through professional settings.


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