Effective Visuals for Presentation?

Hey everyone, I’m Kelsey from team 1535, this is our second year submitting for the Chairman’s award. Last year we used presented to the judges using a powerpoint. This was effective but setup was time consuming. I would like to know what other teams have done for their presentation, as well as any visuals they used?
Thanks :slight_smile:

The Firebirds get posters made at Staples and put them on easels as we’re doing the presentation. We’ve done it for two years in a row and the judges have said that its very effective. Set-up time is less than thirty seconds. If you need any help, just PM me and I’ll answer any questions you have. If you’re wondering about my experience with Chairman’s, I presented last year and my team won the Philly EI and I presented this year and my team won the Philly RCA =]

MOE also used posters and easels - they can be seen at http://moe365.org/chairmans.php. We actually used only 4 of them for the presentations, using one easel and switching off during the presentation. (They practiced this for weeks, being afraid of dropping them.) The others were in the pits to show judges and visitors.

Definitely posters !!!

Composition is done in something like Adobe Illustrator. The file is sent to a graphics shop for printing, like an Office Depot or Max or any of a million commercial graphics shops.

Talk to the store manager and you can probably get at least a 50% discount in most commercial shops.

We pretty much use 20x30 ( or rather 30x20 ) inch poster sizes. Cost efficient, big enough, easy to handle.

Go by the office supply store and ask them to give you one or two 20x30 inch foam board boxes. You can use them as super cheap portfolio carrying cases.

Use an easel that sets up in seconds and can be positioned with one hand.

thank you so much for your replies, it will be very helpful! I’ll let you know how the presentation goes!

We make booklets every year, they seem to be really effective with little to no set-up time if you tab the books before hand.