Efficient ways to catalog motors, batteries, controllers, etc

I would like to know how your team checks these related items and evaluates their condition.

I haven’t found many current methods for doing these checks and I’m not very familiar with electrical and control systems.


For batteries, you can get a battery tester.
For motors, we’ve created a flywheel with easily replaceable motors/gear ratios (5 options for speed/power gear ratios) to catalog as much data as possible for each motor or case. We then run a sysid routine when the motor is connected to the flywheel and compare the kS/kA/kV values. We also check for current and speed at 12V.
I don’t really know of a way to catalog motor controllers, I assume it’s just whether it’s working or not.


Are the result of your flywheel characterization public? I fancy a look


All the info is currently stored in a private google sheets, and we haven’t gotten around to cataloging everything since we have yet to aquire heavier wheels for testing.
Though this is the code if you’d like to take a look.


Explanation of our flywheel:
We made three sections that are suitable for connecting different motors (Falcons, Krakens, neos…). Each section has different ratios of transmissions - speed, power and also a 1:1 transmissions.
Some sections are connected directly to the wheels, and some are connected through a large gearbox, to test the capacity of the motors in larger gear ranges.
We chose to use neoprene wheels for the flywheel because we needed heavy wheels that will “challenge” the motor power.
After we finished modeling it, we manufactured everything in our CNC for maximum accuracy, assembled it and let @levyishai do his programming magic.

Here’s a picture of our flywheel:

(All the krakens in the assembly are the possible places for our motors)