Einstein 2001 Match Score/Video?

Does anyone have either video or scores from the 2001 world championship? I’ve been looking around and was wondering if anyone had, and was willing to share the data. I’ve been trying to complete data for the divisions era. If there’s another thread that I’ve been unable to find, I apologize. Thank you in advance.

There’s the team 71 season video from 2001, though it only has part of what you want: https://youtu.be/ljeyu0UzEc0?t=3241

I thought I’d seen a bunch more 2001 footage, but this might have been the only Einstein portion I’ve seen.

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Here’s match results for everything in 2001 that isn’t Einstein, including some pictures from Nationals and Einstein Awards.


Wayback Machine is rad.


Actually it looks like Einstein results are spread across multiple divisions. The championship match results are on the Newton match results page.

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The matches labeled as Einstein on the division pages are qualification matches played by that division on the Einstein field. In addition to each division having its own field, they also took turns running matches on the Einstein field that was setup on the main stage.

For the Einstein tournament matches, I can tell you the semifinals were Galileo vs. Newton and Archimedes vs. Curie, and the finals were Newton vs. Archimedes.


This included everything I wanted, thank you very much.

I do agree, the wayback machine is indeed rad. Thank you, the 71 video had the match video and your link the scores as well.

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