Einstein Consolation Match

Should FIRST have a consolation match between the losing alliances on Einstein?
For instance, this year the match would be 173, 1902 and 1319 vs 330, 910, and 1270. 2006 would have been 503, 451 and 1139 vs 177, 1126 and 201.

Your thoughts?

I was thinking about this the other day too Jeff, and for some odd reason I knew you would post it as soon as you guys lost.
I think it would be a good idea. Definitely. But, FIRST will say that it is a waste of time, and will only delay the closing of the event.

Well, I don’t think there’s a need for a consolation match. There’s no award for “3rd place,” among other reasons such as delays.


Of course, I want to keep playing!!
But, I’m sure there would be some awesome matches from this.
Obviously there would be scheduling and delay issues, but do people want to see these matches?

It’s not about the robots. A champion and runner up are necessary, but if anything, they should put the honorable mentions for chairmans back in before they add a consolation match

I totally agree Jeff. I do think alot of teams that get eliminated are much more capable of producing incredible matches.
330 was my favorite robot this year, and seeing them in another round would have been awesome.

It is an intersting idea. I guess there has never really been an official 3rd place in FIRST at least as back as I remember. However this brings up another intersting item. The time issue, we’ve relegated pretty big awards (aka Woodie Flowers), cut out honorable mentions, some of the production, etc., etc. all in an attempt to cut time out of closing ceremonies. I find it interesting how teams are willing to give up 5 days, travel to Atlanta, and essentially sit indoors in the same seats for 4 days straight watching matches, but suddenly if the award ceremony runs 5 seconds too long it is the travesty of the century. Don’t think this attitude prevails? Witness the stands emptying this year as Chairman’s was announced. An hour or two out of 72 isn’t to much to ask to make sure that people and teams the honored appropriately, after all we are there for the robots and to recognize the teams and people who have made important contributions to FIRST that is a lot of what championships are about…shouldn’t the get their due without constantly having to worry about how long it is going to take, how much things will run over, etc.?

I guess that was kind of a rant, and I apologize if I stepped on any feathers but it is something that has been eating at me the last few years with the increasing production being put into championships.


I like the idea from a competitive standpoint - it’d be great to see some of those matchups! That being said, it seems like the Einstein Finals drag on longer and longer each year. Adding an additional series would probably add 20-30 minutes to the process. So, as much as I’d love to see it, I don’t know if I could handle the added time.

I would even favor adding a single-match consolation to every FRC event. From a team perspective, there doesn’t have to be any additional hardware. Treat it as an exhibition, and bragging rights would be plenty for me. From a spectator perspective, I think I could spare the extra six minutes to watch one more high-quality match.

I’m not too sure on this one. I, personally, think that it would be a great idea. I think everyone always wonders anyway, what would happen if they went against each other. You are always going to have the impatient ones. Although, there was a good point brought up about Chairman’s honorable mentions. I didn’t even know there ever was such a thing, since this is my first year as a part of FRC. It doesn’t make sense to me why they would take that away. Afterall, in the acronym of FIRST, I believe there is the word ‘recognition.’ :smiley: Hmmm…just a thought. I don’t know; this can get very opinionated, I think.:slight_smile:

no, being tied for third in the world is just fine. maybe at regionals,before third match if there is one for first place. one match only.

As a member of 1902, I am fine with saying we were part of the final four. What a privlege to be on Einstein. There are about 1300 teams that would have traded places with us as it is.

I say keep it like it is.

I have to disagree with you (partly). I agree that their shouldn’t be a consolation match. We lost and that’s that. There doesn’t seem to be a real point to having the consolation match between the two alliances

However, I have to disagree with you in the fact that there is no prize for third place. Yes, there is no trophy or medal, but my team has gained much more than all that.

When we went back to school, everyone knew how well we had done and nobody cared that we didn’t get another big trophy. We got to claim that we were national seminfinalists, winners of our division and the awards that we received were beyond any trophy. More people are interested and aware of FIRST and news stations are becoming more and more interested in our team.

Yes, there is no trophy for third or fourth in the semifinals, but frankly I don’t care. We have won so much already, a consolation match isn’t necessary.

Quick shout out to our partners 173 and 1902, y’all were awesome!
(1902, give the pig a kiss for me!!)

We hope to see everyone again next year at nationals!

Of course, if you do play a consolation match, you’ll end up with a third place and fourth place alliance.

Unless… the third place alliance wasn’t beaten by the runners-up. Then you’ll have to play for what’s called a “true second” - where the (would be) runner up plays the (supposed) third place finishers to discover, once and for all eternity, which alliance was truly the second best.

On second thought, the thing doesn’t get over until almost 7:00 as it is.

Two things here:

Is third place all that important? To me, saying you’re a Division Champ sounds more impressive.

Doesn’t FIRST already have enough problems trying to complete the Championship according to their schedule? If you watched the Championship on NASA TV this year, the broadcast from Atlanta ended at 6:30pm. That’s a half-hour after everything (like the Chairman’s Award presentation) was supposed to be done. At the time the broadcast ended, the second Einstein final match had not even started. The Chairman’s award winner wasn’t announced until after 7 pm. Not only does that affect the NASA TV viewers, but also the wrap party (there’s enough discussion about that already).

I cannot see putting more of the FIRST Championship platter, especially “broccoli” (3rd place).

A third place match for the regionals would be fine, and maybe the divisions itself, but making it on the big stage i don’t really think so.

The final four doesn’t have a 3rd place match

hey, maybe even change the format of elimination to a double elimination type setup, that would be something different altogether

If you did it for regionals and divisions, why wouldn’t you do it on Einstein. It would be stupid to do regionals and divisions then not Einstein, where it “matters” the most.

That is exactly the right attitude to have! Your robot may have come in third place, but you have a first-place outlook on the competition!


Leave it as is, and let both alliances believe they were third place.

adding matches could put the finals at risk - a field element breaks, the scoring goes down, etc. etc.

yes, it would be exciting to watch, or play, but it is best as is.

Nice outlook and I agree wholeheartedly. What I meant was that there was no hardware. There’s always a “reward” to competing in FIRST, but not always an “award.”