Einstein Finals 1 Score

At the event, Roebling’s score was 579 during that match, which would be a world record. I don’t recall them changing it. However, on TBA, the score shows up as 539 for Roebling. Does anyone know if the score was retroactively changed at all, and if so why?

That is curious. The final announced score of 579 and included 55 foul points. The score posted on TBA only shows 15 foul points.

My guess would be that two fouls were entered as tech fouls that should have been regular fouls (5pts vs 25 pts).


I doubt they’d have gone back and edited those points. But, the logic explains 55 to 15. Does TBA pull directly from FIRST? I’d imagine they do.

Yes we do. Here’s the FRC Events page for that match: https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2017/CMPTX/playoffs/16

Yes, Blue Alliance pulls from the FIRST API.

What makes it extra interesting is there’s really no reason to change that score after it’s posted. Regardless of if the fouls were called right or wrong, the score was announced, the outcome of the match didn’t change and tiebreakers are no longer relevant.

I’m all for the accuracy of data whether or not it is relevant.

Just for fun: TBA tracks all* of the FIRST API changes over time. It looks like when the scores were initially posted at 9:22, Blue had 55 penalty points, but it was updated at 9:30 to be 15 points. Finals 2 score was posted at 9:42.

  • If the event is currently going on