Einstein Finals

What happened with comms on the blue alliance. Anyone have more info and can explain?

First match there was supposedly a loose wire, cause of Finals 2 is unknown currently.

They are still looking…

Does anyone know what wire it was? Barrel connector? power to Rio? If anyone has more info feel free to say below.

I’m curious too, comets had an incredible robot and I really enjoyed getting to work with them earlier this season even it was brief.

I really hope their kids aren’t being hard on themselves because they did an awesome job to make it that far

From what I’ve heard, it was a loose roboRIO fuse.

We just made it back into grand rapids a little bit ago. At some point later today(sunday) ill have our season write up done and go into details of our Einstein fun.

It was not

Woo… We we’re so sorry to see you folks go down like that. I’ve seen frustrating issues like this on a smaller scale, but can only imagine what it’s like on the world stage. Thank you for taking the time to do this, I think it will be very helpful for teams going forward.

Hope to see you folks around soon! With any luck, same time, same place, next year?