Einstein "Lime"-rick

1678 just held our end of year team party and to celebrate our 7th year on Einstein I wrote a limerick documenting each of our years on Einstein. Mike Corsetto captured my performance of the poem on his phone and posted it here:

The “Lime”-rick

Here’s the text

A “Lime”-rick

There’s a team called Citrus I know
They wear shirts with limes all aglow
They started a streak
That’s now quite unique
Here’s how it went, blow by blow

The first time they did it on Curie
With Frisbees flying like fury
Four times they were shunned
But those teams they outgunned
E-Lime went on to disprove the jury

Becca was up next on Newton
Best midfielder no one’s disputin’
Simbotics were hot
As they blocked the Poofs shot
But they lost with some last second shootin’

Third year spectators heads twirled
As Lemon Drop’s grabbers unfurled
In the blink of an eye
With harpoons standing by
Citrus were champs of the World

Adrian pulled off a shocker
Extending up over the blocker
With a two ball autonomous
We cheered every one of us
The world high score right on Hopper

Year five they went in full steam
Shooting fuel in a two-barreled stream
The rotors were spinning
As Pomelo kept winning
But penalties ended their dream

The sixth time on Newton indeed
First time from the number two seed
With Lemon Zest Scoring
On the scale cubes were pouring
So in balance they were up to the deed

Year seven Buzz LimeYear placed hatches
Filling rockets with cargo dispatches
With that triple climb, Dude!
The crowd came unglued
A feat that no one else matches

And so I’ve told all that I know
For Citrus their Circuits aglow
Let’s all celebrate
Sixteen Seventy Eight
Einstein seven years in a row


I applaud the person who put the time in to do this. This is amazing :rofl:

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when the first team ever hits a streak of seven, they write a poem instead of prank war

Honestly, the only thing i could think of is dropping some lemons and limes in their pit


And circuit boards.

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