Einstein Match Results

what has been going on stuck on a :ahh: dial-up 56-k:ahh: connection right now and the webcast is not working correctly. and FIRST is not updating their website anymore.

Who is in the finals?

yeah and what the score of the semi’s were if you know

Final Alliances are:



Good luck to both alliances! Looks like we’re going to have a team join the ranks of 71: More than one championship win!


Galileo 1114-217-148

match 1 is starting right now

1114,217,148 VS 67,16,348

1114, 217, 148
67, 16, 348
Just starting match 1

Wow, 4 penalties for blue, one for red.

104-54, Galileo takes it!

Match 1 complete
1114, 217, 148 = 104 red
16, 67, 348 = 54 blue

Finals match 1

Galileo-104 (1 penalty)
Curie-54 (too many penalties…like 4)

Penalties were:

2 G22s for 67
1 G22 for 348
1 Impeding for 348
1 G22 for 148

for everyone pressing the refresh button every 10 seconds…they were taking a break to let motors cool down.

but now curie took a timeout.

and they’re doing cha-cha slide. lol.

Match 2 is commencing, looks like all robots are still on the field and doing great!

Congradulations to 1114, 217, and 148 for winning Championships. You guys deserve it!

Starting match 2 now

It looks like Galileo wins, over 20 points ahead, PLUS a red trackball placed!

It’s official! Galileo wins!

Congrats 1114, 217, and 148!!

Congrats to the winners =)

Galileo 1114-148-217

Congrads to the Canadian Chicken Wranglers :slight_smile:

You saw it here first :smiley: