Einstein Match videos anyone

does anyone have the videos of Einstein matchs


I watch the first two semi finals
as everyone knows the connections went down

I really want to watch it

I think newton’s team is much better than the 1114, 217, 148

The connections weren’t down. You just had to watch a different field. I saw all the semis just fine on the Galileo stream.

They should be posted here within a day or two.


i know that website I was waiting for the video

Guess you’ll need to wait a bit, then.

Even some of the regionals don’t have video yet. Might be because no one was covering the event and it wasn’t webcasted, though.

i wish someone would post GLR videos :frowning:

Well I dumped the video feed from my browser cache into two files 600mb and 250 mb respectively. They should have everything on Einstein (including all the speeches and stuff). If you know of some place I can upload them to and you have a fast internet connection than thats an option. I don’t really have the time to break apart the file into matches and re encode them though.

-edit Ignore these, updated files on next page.

Hold on, I just realized that quicktime has a trim feature.

Newton vs Galileo match 1
Newton vs Galileo match 2
Newton vs Galileo match 3

Archimedes vs Curie match 1
Archimedes vs Curie match 2

finals match 1
finals match 2

Those videos don;t work
help plzzz

I have windows XP:( :frowning: :frowning:

what are you using to play them?

i tried quicktime, Windows media player, divx player, and also VLC player and Real time player

Well they play for me under quicktime w/ flip4mac (I’m using OSX). For codecs the files contain Windows Media 9 audio and Windows Media 9 video. I guess you can try using media player classic w/ quicktime alternative


thx for the help

did you get the video files to play?

I can’t get these to download from RapidShare. If I send someone FTP info, can they FTP them to The Blue Alliance so we can get them online in a streamable format? Thanks!

I have FTP info and a Rapidshare premium account. I can put them on the TBA FTP for you.

Well I’m re encoding the video as some people have been having trouble playing the files (apparently microsoft codecs in an apple container don’t agree so well :P)

Archimedes vs Curie Match 1 (AVC & AAC in an mp4)
Archimedes vs Curie Match 1 (youtube)

Archimedes vs Curie Match 2 (mp4)
Archimedes vs Curie Match 2 (youtube)

Newton vs Galileo Match 1 (mp4)
Newton vs Galileo Match 1 (youtube)

Newton vs Galileo Match 2 (mp4)
Newton vs Galileo Match 2 (youtube)

Newton vs Galileo Match 3 (mp4)
Newton vs Galileo Match 3 (youtube)

Finals Match 1 (mp4)
Finals Match 1 (youtube)

Finals Match 2 (mp4)
Finals Match 2 (youtube)

Finals Match 3 (mp4)Finals Match 3 (youtube) :eek:

For the mp4 files (higher quality) quicktime, mediaplayer classic, vlc player, mplayer (just about anything) should play them. If you are lazy, use the youtube links

hey chris27 nice rick roll

Can anyone fill this out with the Einstein matches? They’re not on FIRST’s site and I don’t have the time to just this minute. I’ll do it later if no one else gets to it first.

I have the video good to go, just gotta know who played and what the scores were :slight_smile:

elims_xls.xls (18 KB)

elims_xls.xls (18 KB)