Einstein Penalties Prediction

I predict that there will be no G22 penalties called on Einstein. There might be some called on the teams in their divisions, but not on Einstein. The teams will had have enough experience and drive time to not commit any line crossing, especially after winning a division. I might be proven wrong, but I might be right. We’ll just have to wait and see come this April in Atlanta.

I disagree slightly for only one reason. Despite the high experience and the skill of the robots and the drivers, I expect to see at least one call (although probably only one). This is because there is bound to be some type of congestion with so many good robots that are also probably fast. Inadvertantly, a robot will probably break a plane. Also the Einstein refs will be the best of the best, and if the regional referees hardly miss any calls, you can bet that the Einstein refs will miss even less.

Just my thoughts

There will be G22 penalties called on Einstein. When they are, they will decide the match.

i believe there will be a few…at vcu the driver on our team committed no penalties, until the 2nd finals match. in the heat of a match even the best drivers will make a slight mistake, turn the wrong way, back up a little too much, whatever it might be. so i think we’ll see a few…

If there are penalties, it will be for ramming than anything else. I intend to see all shooter robots so anything other than impeding will be the most common call.

I don’t know. I think that by the time Atlanta comes this penalty will be called less and less because people will be used to the field by than. And if you are on Einstein you should be really used to the field so I don’t know if it will be a problem. I will have to wait and see how the penalites are during week five. That will determine wether or not I think there will be calls on Einstein.

I pretty much completely agree with that… the only thing is I think there wont be many (not like 30+ points per match, but 10 or 20 sometimes).

The first match might be a little sloppy because of where you are and what is at stake. Also, if they change the lighting, will that effect center wall problem? I think the lighting got to our camera alittle last year.


I always wondered if they allowed teams to re-calibrate their cameras when they got to Einstein. Does anyone know if this was permitted?


If I recall correctly they allowed us to do so, but I don’t think it ended up helping us too much.

As for penalties, I don’t think we’ll ever see them go away, no matter how skilled the drivers are. However, I do think you’ll see less.

Correct, I remember seeing 910 (trying to) calibrate their camera before matches on Einstein. Also correct on the penalties, though the ref training should help eliminate last year’s “field differential” in calls.

I know we were given the option in 2006. I don’t recall if they let us in 2007 though, but it didn’t really matter for us either year as we weren’t using the camera at that point.

And back to the original topic I think as always Aidian will call a tight game to the intent of the rules on Einstien and after he does the Championship Q&A here on CD it will be very clear how he calls it. Any speculation util then isn’t really needed.


I dont think there will be no G22 penalties, but, there wont be many.
However, i dont think it will matter because i think the Championship match will be a 50 point difference in score to begin with

QFT. Penalties are already deciding matches, and this will become even more true in Atlanta, as we see the best teams in the game consistantly win games within 10 points.