Einstein report powerpoint

I made a powerpoint that tries to summarize the Einstein report in a form that can be used to more effectively communicate it to team members. There may have been some conversion issues when I uploaded it to Google Docs.

Feel free to improve it!

Very nice job on the power point! That is a good idea to present it to your team. There are a lot of details in the report that most are going to miss (or get wrong through hearsay) but a presentation like this makes it very clear. If you’d like I can add details on the smart dashboard problems that we found.

Here’s the original presentation in PowerPoint form. This does not reflect changes made to the Google Presentation form of the presentation, nor do I plan to incorporate them.

EinsteinReportSummary.zip (599 KB)

EinsteinReportSummary.zip (599 KB)

Feel free. Just remember that not all team members are as technically inclined as you or I may be. We’re walking the fine line between being thorough and not boring the audience.