Einstein Round Robin Match 15

So anyone else mad about the aprox. 30 penalty points not called? Daly shouldve won.


And if Daly won, curie wouldve gone to Finals


And wait 5 hours to finish their competition season.


What would the fouls be for?

You know what this game needs? 30 more penalty points!


Defenders being outside their frame perimeter


There was a piece of plastic hanging outside of 4481 when they were on defense.


There does need to be 30 more penalty points if they were breaking a rule. You can argue that the rule is bad but at the end of the day rules have to be called consistently.


I agree with the call, we can’t focus on what we can’t change, plus on another note there has been a lot of controversy on CD lately. I would prefer this place to be a place where people can come to see the positive of FIRST and not the negative. I don’t mind productive discussions, but sometimes we need to remember to be Graciously Professionals.


I’m not going to say that I disagree with this call, because it was a very slight thing and I can see why the refs called it how they did - but I think it’s important to not use the guise of gracious professionalism (which is something I try to live and breathe) to bury any critical discussion against things that we might be able to make more consistent or understandable for our target audience.


Ok I see what your saying

Hey first is first, nond of us expected to be as successful as we were this year, ya it would have been nice to get onto finals and get a bid in for great one and done driveteams ever, see everyone at iri this summer

And everyone on the other einstein field saw it in the match and recognized it so this just get it out there which is nice at the very least


I will admit that I was pretty upset when I made the thread, and couldve worded it better.
But I feel that it still needs to be discussed as to why it happened, and what can be done in the future to prevent it. One thing ive seen this year is penalties that shouldve been called but since they werent waved at the time, arent counted. Which I personally disagree with.

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I get it man, I’m not opposed to the discussion at all, I just don’t want to CD to be filled with complaints and arguments. I want to be a place of discussions that reflect the values of FIRST. You making this thread is fine, I’m not putting anything against you. Just kinda saying what’s on my mind.

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Just watched the video and noticed the collision at the 50 second mark. https://youtu.be/OzeDQaZchAs The broken plastic was caused by 133 getting a head of steam, ramming and jumping 4481’s bumper, having contact inside the frame perimeter, and knocking it loose. Actually, looks like it came a little loose (but not flopping outside the perimeter) a few seconds earlier on the other side of the field, when again someone got over the bumper and made contact inside the perimeter.


Agreed. I tend to believe the refs just missed it. The “30 points of penalties is too much in an important match, so let’s not call it” is a pretty silly argument, however. In that same match, I’m pretty sure 862 extended outside their frame while playing defense and was unable to retract back in. What if both teams extended out at the exact same moment and one returns back to their side of the field while the other sticks with defense? It would be extremely unfair to the team that actually followed the rules to simply not call the fouls because it would be too many points and would swing the match.

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We had went to the question box after the match and the head ref said that they were calling the fouls for being outside the frame perimeter. We tried to insist that there should have been more fouls but they did not agree and would not elaborate further.

It’s possible that because we had inadvertently caused 4481’s panel to come loose, the refs were more lenient with the G10 violation, but that’s just speculation.

Regardless, we had a wonderful time and are still over the moon that we made it to Einstein for the first time in our team’s 22 year history.

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This is honestly what is most frustrating for me. I feel that any call made should have a reasoning behind it. And for any student or drive team to learn, its important that they are able to hear what these reasonings are.

Also Im glad I got to inspect you guys this season! It was awesome getting to see you compete and get such a good look at your amazing robot this year! Cant wait to see you in the off season!

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Cant wait to see you in the off season!

Mayhem in Merrimack???

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Thank you so much! We normally dismantle our robots for parts at the beginning of the next season, but we might need to keep this one together. :slight_smile:

We are currently signed up for Battlecry and doing back to back events in the off-season might be a little much but we’ll see how we feel after we’ve had some time to decompress after Detroit.

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